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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Home Help

Torn over the idea of hiring live-in home help in the UAE? Here's five reasons why you shouldn't think twice about doing so.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Home Help

One of the perks of living in the UAE is the ability to hire live-in home help if ever you need a helping hand around the house.

There is a large population of maids, nannies, drivers and other domestic workers living here that are seeking live-in employment with expatriate families.

While some horror stories are often shared online and on information forums like ours, don't be put off... Hiring someone to help make life easier for you is always a success for everyone involved.

It's nothing to be afraid to admit. Parents in Dubai can be forgiven for not being superheroes, and when balancing work, children, school timetables and home maintenance, it's nice to have a helping hand around to support you all.

Of course, this isn't to say that every expatriate family needs home help. Everybody does what works best for them.

But for those of you considering hiring home help, here's five main reasons to hire domestic help in the UAE that we often see.

1. Primarily, it creates jobs for people

Many individuals seeking employment as home help are single parents who have families of their own that they're providing for. Whether their children are young or old, the cost of education, emergency needs, gifts for special occasions and savings for the future all add up.

Like every expat, jobs are often scarce in our home countries, and so you'll find a lot of people wishing to work with your family are also leaving their own families and children to live abroad.

Why should I hire a maid in the UAE?

2. Less exhausted parents make better parents

Combine the stresses of work life or daily responsibilities with child care, cooking, laundry, cleaning and social activities and you're often left with a couple of exhausted parents who are being pushed to the end of their tether.

Even if your husband works and you don't, we've no doubt you're left at the end of the day feeling a little robotic, and not truly enjoying the moments of parenting you should be. Families who do hire home help have the ability to spend time with their children more, and have the time to enjoy being parenthood, while comforted over the thought someone is there to help with the other mundane, every day tasks of running a family.

Reasons to hire a maid in the UAE

3. Tired spouses aren't good

There's no denying that the thought of extra help is a good one, and knowing that helps to make you more relaxed and less anxious about the small stuff.

After all, when both you and your spouse are tired, the outcome is often bickering or lack of conversation between the two of you. Not only does having home help around relieve the stresses of running your home, but it also means you have the opportunity to nurture your marriage in ways you couldn't possibly do before without hassle.

4. You have someone as back-up

For couples who work, or those whose husband's are working hard abroad for periods of time, it means that if anything ever goes wrong or an emergency occurs, you have a right-hand-person to help out if necessary.

When you need a hand attending a school function but can't take one or all of your children, there's back-up. If ever you do want to arrange a dinner date with your other half, there's back-up. Or if ever you yourself fall ill, there's back-up.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Maid in the UAE

5. There's no denying, it's nice to have a clean house

You know what they say, a cluttered home = a cluttered mind. Depending on the tasks you have assigned for your home help, it can range from simply looking after your child(ren) as a nanny to simple keeping on top of cleaning tasks regularly.

None of us can deny the dread we feel when we return home from a long day at work and the house is a mess... And you still have dinner, laundry and preparations for tomorrow to be done.

At the end of the day, hire help or don't. Everybody has different circumstances, but many of us are in the fortunate position where we are able to hire live-in help, unlike in the countries we come from.

If you're looking for a live-in domestic helper in the UAE, have a browse through our online classifieds.

If you don't want to explore live-in options, there are also agencies in Dubai that offer maid and home help services that you may hire.