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Where to Legally Hire Domestic Helpers in the UAE

Whether you're looking for a maid or nanny, there are only select places where you can legally hire domestic workers in the UAE

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24 March 2023

Last updated on 27 March 2023
Where to Legally Hire Domestic Helpers in the UAE: Tadbeer, Part-time Services, etc.

Employ a maid or nanny in the UAE safely and legally with our guide.

For many residents in the UAE, life and work keeps them busy, resulting in the need for an extra helping pair of hands.

This prompts families to hire a live-in maid or nanny to assist in household tasks such as cleaning, babysitting, cooking, gardening, etc. on a near-daily basis.

If you're interested in employing a domestic helper in the UAE, it's important to know where to legally hire a maid. This helps protect you from scammers, fraud, and other risks such as contracting illnesses or unknowingly harbouring a foreign fugitive.

Here is where you can legally hire a maid or nanny in the UAE on a full-time or part-time basis. Rest assured that these authorised services operate as per the UAE's strict guidelines.

We also have a complete guide on how to sponsor a maid/nanny in the UAE.

Tadbeer (Full-time Maids)

Where to hire maids in the UAE guide

As of March 2021, UAE citizens and expat residents are only allowed to hire full-time domestic helpers through Tadbeer or Maids.cc centres. This regulation was passed by the UAE government with the aim to protect both the workers' and employers' rights and safety.

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Licensed by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), Tadbeer / Maids.cc is the only authorised service for recruiting and hiring domestic workers.

You can also view ExpatWoman's Maids & Home Help classifieds section. But please note that ExpatWoman is NOT a maid agency. Once you find a candidate, please proceed to a Tadbeer centre in the UAE.

Where to legally hire maids in the UAE: Tadbeer, Part-time Maids, etc.

What are the risks of hiring from a non-licensed maid agency?

If you're seeking to hire a maid or nanny, we urge you to please avoid consulting or hiring from third-party 'maid agencies' as these are operating illegally and there are multiple potential risks.

You may be duped of your money, might expose yourself and your family to sicknesses if the domestic worker hired through these agencies do not follow the UAE medical test procedure, or you might unknowingly employ a maid with a dangerous criminal record.

Part-time Cleaners in the UAE

Some households may not require the help of a full-time, live-in domestic worker.

You can, instead, hire part-time cleaners in the UAE to temporarily assist with any cleaning and upkeep needed around your home for an hour or more, at almost any day of your choosing.

Can I hire part-time, independent maids if they have their own visa?

It is illegal to work part-time as a domestic worker in the UAE unless he or she is employed by licensed providers of part-time cleaning services such as JustLife, Urban Company, JustMaid, Dubai Housekeeping, or Hello Cleaner Cleaning Services to name a few.

Kindly avoid hiring part-time maids who are on visit visa, UAE residency visa sponsored by their family, etc., as this may also pose a safety and health risk for your household.