Meet the Adoptable Dogs in Dubai Ready for Their Forever Homes |

Meet the Adoptable Dogs in Dubai Ready for Their Forever Homes

These four-legged friends in Dubai are ready for adoption!

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4 May 2021

Last updated on 14 June 2021
Dogs for adoption in Dubai 2021

So, you're looking for a new canine companion?

Whether you're based in Dubai or beyond, K9 Friends can help! At one of the UAE's oldest dedicated pet rescue centres, volunteers find plenty of dogs loving new homes every year.

To see the dogs they currently have available for adoption, please scroll down this page.

Each and every one of the dogs featured below deserves a loving home, but if you're looking for more options, you can check out more furry friends here.

Meet Corsa

Corsa is a gentle young Border Mix who loves car rides, play dates and running in the garden. He enjoys his walks and likes to sniff all the new smells. Super friendly to people and other dogs, Corsa is one smart boy who learns quickly, even more so when treats are on the table!

Meet Bunny

Bunny is an active Shepard Mix pup who has home-living and training experience. He loves people and enjoys playing with other pups, and will make a wonderful new family member to any household.

Meet Ernie

Ernie is a very energetic and smart Mixed Breed puppy who would suit an active and experienced family who has plenty of space for him to run and play.

He's a sweet boy who likes to play rough most days, so he may not be suited to live with young kids at this stage. Ernie is progressing with toilet training and crate training, sleeping through the night in his crate.

Meet Virginia

Mixed breed Virginia was born and raised at an equestrian centre and arrived at K9 Friends with 8 siblings.

She is housetrained, sleeps through the night and is good with older children. Virginia has been in a home but she still has some manners to learn. She is a playful, energetic girl who loves people.

Virginia will need some more leash training around other dogs, and a lot of activities to stop her getting bored and chewing the furniture.

Meet Bolt

Bolt was a little unsure of his surroundings when he arrived at the shelter but now he trusts everyone and is happy to see us. He is has a lot of energy, very playful, and almost housetrained.

He's a mixed breed fella who gets excited when he sees the leash and wants to walk. He puppy nips when he gets excited so would be better suited to older children and adults.

Meet Bryan

Mixed breed Bryan is a happy bundle of energy and likes to play and give kisses. This medium-sized canine is looking for a family with older children who can play with him and take him for long walks.

Meet Sylvester

Sylvester is a large, energetic, friendly Mixed Breed boy. He sits for treats and loves to play with a ball.

He will require some training as he can puppy nip when he gets excited. Sylvester is looking for an active home without small children as he is a bit clumsy and may knock them over... whoops!

Meet Hunter

Hunter is looking for a calm, quiet and patient home as he is shy and needs time to learn to trust people. He is gentle on the lead and loves to go for walkies!

Meet Marko

If you are an active family and your daily life involves long walks and jogs, Marko could be the one for you.

This Saluki mixed breed is very friendly, full of energy and bounces around. Marko can play nip like a big puppy when he gets excited, so training is needed.

He is looking for a home with older children, as little ones may fall over when he zooms around. Marko is lots of fun to play with and best suited to a villa with a garden as he needs lots of exercise.

Meet Loch

Loch is a high energy Mixed Breed dog who is looking for an equally active family. He is strong on the lead. Loch has lived in a home before with another dog and was good with the cat.

Meet Amy

Amy was rescued from an industrial site with her mum and ten other siblings.

She is a very active mixed breed dog who needs lots of exercise. Amy is wary of strangers and would be best suited to an experienced home without children.

Meet Marmite

Marmite has lived in a home with a family, she is housetrained and sleeps well through the night. Marmite loves to play ball, and she is a sociable girl who loves to get attention from others.

Meet Armani

This Saluki Mixed Breed was found at 2 weeks old with his mum and 8 siblings in Abu Dhabi. Armani is very playful with people at the shelter. He has been out on dog walks and is starting to build his confidence in the outside world.

Meet Pandora

Mixed breed Pandora is a gentle calm girl. She is very loving, affectionate, housetrained, and will make a great addition to any family.

Meet Margot

Margot was rescued as a puppy with her 12 siblings from an industrial area. All her brothers and sisters have found homes, and now its Margot’s turn.

She is a gentle girl of Desert Dog breed who needs to build her confidence in the outside world. Margot is looking for a quiet home with a patient family who can give her the time she needs to grow.

Meet Griffin

If you look beyond his size, you will find out that German Saluki Griffin is a big softy at heart. Walking Griffin can be considered your daily exercise as he is very curious and pulls on the leash, but he calms down after a while and likes to find things to sniff.

He travels well in the car, loves to play with a ball, and enjoys a dip in the water. After a long walk he will be a relaxed companion in the house. He is best suited to a home without other dogs and due to his size, a family with older or stronger children will be a better match.