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7 Reasons to Move to Dubai That Don’t Include Tax

Yes, VAT has been implemented in the UAE – but there is still so much more on offer for expats moving here

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17 January 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
Reasons to Move to Dubai as an Expat

Not everybody likes change – and for many of us who have enjoyed a ‘tax free’ lifestyle in Dubai until now, the VAT implementation has been a bitter pill to swallow.

Nonetheless, it is arguable that there are several reasons, if not important ones, that might attract expatriates to move to Dubai.

After all… 5% VAT on products and services is still minute in comparison to taxation in place in the home countries of many living here.

So let’s put ‘tax free lifestyle’ aside for now, and concentrate on the many other benefits and reasons why expats should move to Dubai and explore why moving to Dubai is a good idea.

Here’s our top 7 reasons to move to Dubai, that don’t involve tax.

1. Safety

As a city, Dubai has an enviably low crime rate. Dubai is considered to be one of the safest large cities in the world, which is largely due to the strictly enforced laws implemented here, and across the UAE.

That’s not to say you should live entirely care-free, as a certain amount of street-savviness is still necessary while living here… But on the whole, it’s friendly and safe. For single women, and for families with children.

2. Multi-cultural experience

Did you know? Dubai’s population is made up of around 80% expatriates. Meaning, this city is a ‘melting-pot’ of different cultures… Making it an incredibly easy place to be an expat. The UAE is home to the highest proportion of foreign-born residents in the world, and so fitting into the expat-friendly lifestyle here is easy.

As well as being able to settle in nicely, this multi-cultural environment provides expatriates with a new and unique insight into other cultures, traditions and religions they probably haven’t observed before in their home country. Not forgetting the cultural norms of the local citizens, Emiratis.

No expat can argue that living in Dubai broadens your mind… To differences, understandings and experiences. And that’s all thanks to the variety of personalities and individuals who have chosen to call this place home.

Reasons to Move to Dubai as an Expat

3. Well-connected adventure

Hailed as a ‘gateway’ to the world, Dubai is perfectly positioned to provide expatriates with the opportunity to travel almost anywhere in Europe, Asia and Africa in less than eight hours.

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest hubs in the aviation world, and there are regular daily flights to all major destinations around the world. Not only does it mean your home country can be in reaching distance, but it opens up some exciting holiday destinations you may not have considered before.

4. Lifestyle and leisure

Locally, for adventure-lovers, Dubai offers plenty of activities and adventure to experience. From desert safaris, to zip-lining, to skiing in the world’s largest indoor ski slope – any expat will no doubt find their favourite activity or hobby quite easily while living here.

That’s not all – Dubai offers a dizzying amount of shops, as well as hundreds of restaurants to suit all budgets. There’s cinemas too, as well as ice rinks, aquariums, play areas, theatres and beaches, of course.

And while the country stays true to its Islamic heritage, and restricts alcohol consumption to restaurants, bars and hotels – expats are undeterred. There are often social gatherings, events and beach parties happening every week that you can enjoy.

5. International cuisine

You can find everything from Michelin starred chefs and their restaurants, to street vendors in Dubai. With over 200 different nationalities living in Dubai, it’s no surprise that all foodie lovers can enjoy the tastes of a variety of flavours and best dishes from countries like Lebanon, Greece, Argentina or Japanese, for instance.

Reasons to Move to Dubai as an Expat

6. High standards of healthcare, education and transport

Thanks to huge government investments, Dubai’s infrastructure remains as one of the most modern and most reliable in the world. Perhaps this point is particularly important for women moving to Dubai with their family in tow.

There are many brilliant, private and international schools in Dubai where children can follow their home curriculum, be it British, American, French or even Swiss.

Healthcare is of a great standard, and insurance must be provided by your sponsor. When it comes to your health insurance, no matter what your plan is – we’re sure you’ll always be able to find excellent facilities staffed by highly trained doctors and nurses to assist when needed.

In terms of transport, the city offers plenty of affordable options; including the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, the Dubai Trolley and national taxis. There are also private taxi companies here. But despite the options of public transport, it is advisable to purchase or hire a car in Dubai while living here.

7. Affordable luxury

Many might think that expats just live the high life in Dubai – with huge salaries, expensive clothing and high rents. But if you think Dubai is just for the super-rich, you’re mistaken.
Yes, for those expats who enjoy splashing the cash, the best foods, clothes and entertainment are simply just as wipe of a card away across the city. But on the flip side, there is lots of great things to do, eat and explore all for a fraction of the cost of what you might expect.

When it comes to rental prices in Dubai – there’s options to suit all budgets. And any expat can find an affordable accommodation at the right price. Of course, location, budget and size come in to play – but there are hundreds of thousands of options available for expats moving here.