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A Big List of Things to Buy for a New House

Here's a list of things to buy when you move into your first Dubai home

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17 June 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
Checklist for moving into a new home in Dubai

Moving home isn't the easiest - and neither is moving to a new city like Dubai.

There are so many things to consider, including where you're going to live and the things you need to buy for your new home here.

Many opt for an apartment as their first home in Dubai, but regardless of whether you'll be moving into an apartment or villa, there's a long list of things to buy that go into a house before it becomes a cosy, comfortable home.

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If you're moving into a new home here, you'll no doubt be wondering "what things do I need to buy for a new house?" Sure, there are the must-have items that we couldn't survive without here in Dubai but there's also everything else to consider... And regardless of whether you're in a villa or apartment, there are certain must-have items that everyone needs when settling in here.

To help you out, we've put together a big list of things to buy for a new house in Dubai checklist for you.

Things to buy for a new home in Dubai

What to buy for your bedroom

It isn't wrong to assume that your bed is the most important purchase - but actually, your mattress is.

Your bed frame can be as high or low quality as you want, but spending extra on a quality mattress from the beginning will help you get some much-needed sleep after a long day.

You'll also need:

Most, if not all, apartments in Dubai come with built-in wardrobes so you'll save a cost here. For other pieces of furniture, like a dresser, explore if you can find a bedroom furniture set that includes your bed frame, bedside tables, and dresser to help you save costs.

Things to buy for a new home in Dubai

What to buy for your bathroom

Next on the things to buy for your house list, we focus on your bathroom. Equally as important as your bedroom, you should focus on making this space comfortable and clean for all who need to use it.

Items like the following list will help make sure your bathroom is complete...

  • Towels - 2 or 3 sets should be enough to start with
  • A shower curtain - this is a must if you don't have a glass door already installed
  • Basic toiletries - like your toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and other items of personal hygiene
  • A toilet brush and plunger - to help clean your toilet when needed
  • A bath mat - very useful to prevent slipping when fresh out the tub
  • Toilet roll... Obviously

You may also consider buying some bathroom storage to help prevent your space from becoming cluttered quickly.

Things to buy for a new home in Dubai

What to buy for your kitchen

When you first move in, there's no need to stock your entire kitchen - just start with the basics.

Not all apartments come with inbuilt white goods, so you might face some larger expenses when it comes to finishing your kitchen. Here's what you'll need:

  • A stove/oven - some places come with them inbuilt, but if not, this is a must
  • A fridge - again, some have them installed but most don't
  • A microwave - you probably could survive without one, but they're super handy to have
  • Pots and pans - you'll need to cook one day, eventually
  • Dishware, flatware and glasses - start with enough for 4 people, or go up to 8 if you intend to have visitors
  • Cutlery - again, enough for 4 but you may choose to go higher
  • Knives and utensils - a small and large knife should suffice
  • Mugs - for tea and coffee, or hot chocolate?
  • Dishwashing supplies - like washing up liquid, or sponges
  • Dish clothes - for cleaning pots, or the kitchen itself

Don't forget you'll also need countertop appliances - which may be restricted by the amount of counter space available in your new rental. A kettle is a must, so is a toaster - but you may also want to opt for a coffee machine or blender or slow cooker, for example.

What about your laundry?

Other appliances you'll probably need in an unfurnished apartment are a washing machine and dryer. Better yet, you should probably find a machine that is both a washer and dryer combined.

Things to buy for a new home in Dubai

What else do you need to buy?

Besides the obvious items listed above, there are a few other useful things you should probably purchase. Things like:

  • An extension cord - because you can never have too many electric sockets
  • Cleaning supplies - like a dustpan and brush, broom, cleaning cloths, and a vacuum
  • A first aid kit - complete with bandages, plasters, medicines, antiseptic creams and other things
  • A basic tool kit - with a hand drill, screwdriver, nails, screws and a hammer

We hope this list of things to buy for your new Dubai home helps you get what you need and begin to settle into your new life here. Once you're settled, you can start ticking things off our list of the top ten things to do in Dubai in your first month of living here.

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