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4 Signs That You Have Been In India For Too Long

Here are signs that suggest that you might have been based in India for too long!

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11 September 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
4 Signs That You Have Been In India For Too Long
Without a doubt, India is one of the most beautiful and incredible countries in the world, and settling here is one of the best choices for many foreign workers around the world. With plenty of work opportunities, a growing number of expatriates are choosing to move to India and spend lengthy assignments in the country. 

If you are one of these, then there are a number of signs that suggest that you might have been based in India for too long!
  • Pronunciation

If you can pronounce city names like Thiruvananthapuram without a single hesitation then that’s one of the biggest signs that India has truly captured your heart. There’s plenty of interesting and fun names to try and pronounce when you’re living in the country, and soon you won’t even need a translation of the menu – you’ll be able to understand everything that’s coming your way without even being able to speak Hindi.

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  • You’re exceptionally wary of coconut trees

Coconut trees are in abundance in India, and you’re probably more afraid of getting seriously injured by a falling coconut than you are anything else. If you haven’t already seen a falling coconut by now, then you need to stick around in the country a little bit longer! There are so many coconut trees in the country that you may even begin craving the beautiful green conifers.
  • Temperature

Indian temperatures are exceptionally high, but if you’ve been based in India for too long, you may find that if the temperature falls below 30 degrees, you might even need a jacket – just in case you get chilly! Acclimatising can be extremely difficult and is generally one of the biggest challenges that you face when moving to India for the first time. It can take a long while to truly get used to the weather in the country, and unlike other hot countries like the United Arab Emirates, you’re not going to be greeted with air con in every building or car you step foot in. If you find yourself truly acclimatised with the weather, without developing sun stroke or a fever, then you’re in luck – it can take a long time!
  • The street horns are a beautiful symphony

Mumbai, in particular, is known for being a noisy, traffic-filled city, but you’ve been based in India so long that the engines and horns are no more than a beautiful, bittersweet symphony, providing you with a new rhythm for your life in India. Traffic no longer bothers you, and a bus passing 2cm away from your face is now the norm as opposed to a near-death experience as it once was. Any of this sounding familiar? Then you’ve probably been in India for too long.
If you’re an expat looking for help settling in India, or you’re considering an assignment in the country, then why not take the time to get to know more about the country and experiences of previous expatriates by talking to one of our expats today. If you think you’ve spent too much time in India and you’re looking for your next expat adventure, then our experts can help there too! Get in touch with us today.
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