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Best Opportunities for Expats in The African Market

If you’re looking for a continent full of varied countries, incredible geography, a rich cultural heritage and a booming career market then look no further

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28 July 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020

Home to over 1 billion people, Africa offers job seekers roles in a bustling market place, with positions in huge internationals as well as emerging markets.

Africa offers so much to expats looking to grow both professional and personally. International organisations like the UN and Oxfam, as well as impressive multinationals, offer a range of possibilities for those looking to relocate to Africa for work. Here we list our most recommended African countries for excellent job opportunities.


Best known for its impressive history, Cairo also attracts expats in their masses due to a booming job market. Cairo is one of the most advanced cities in Africa: the Egyptian city is home to over 30,000 expats from across the globe. This is the ideal location for those looking to live in a well-developed, bustling city with hot weather and an incredible tourist dynamic. Cairo also has a very strong African Islamic society.


Located in Eastern Africa, Kenya is one of Africa’s most thriving countries, with exceptional cities offering incredible job opportunities. Thanks to the sky-rocketing Safari and tourism industry in the region, Kenya has seen a real boom in its economy resulting in a growing job market. From ecological jobs, roles in tourism, to work in economics, journalism or finance, big cities like Mombasa and Nairobi are actively seeking expats to come join them.

Best Opportunities for Expats in The African Market


Ghana is not only a great place to start your African job search, it’s also an incredibly beautiful location to live. Considered the ‘golden child’ of West Africa, Ghana benefits from being one of the most stable economies on the continent. While this means that there are incredible jobs in the private sector up for grabs, why not consider working in one of the many impressive and globally reputable companies, NGO’s and organisations working to further the country even more.

South Africa

One of the continents best known expat destinations remains one of the best. South Africa is a country full of incredible coastlines, cities and mountain ranges offering expats challenging and exciting job opportunities. The country really comes into its own for those looking for roles in marketing, media, advertising and technology.

Best Opportunities for Expats in The African Market


Cities like Fez, Marrakesh and Casablanca are just some of the great locations you could be calling home if you choose an expat role in Morocco. Located in North Africa, Morocco is home to a number of the most developed cities in Africa. This historic and vibrant country is an incredible place to live and work, with opportunities across a multitude of industries. And the county is both French and Arabic speaking, so there are opportunities for speakers of either language or those willing to learn!


Right next door to Kenya is the beautiful country of Tanzania. Whilst the country is less developed, the low cost of living can make this an excellent place to work and live while exploring a completely new culture. Tanzania offers expats looking for their next professional challenge a wealth of opportunities and the chance to make a real impact. And you’ll get to enjoy the breath-taking natural parks, white sand beaches and incredible coral reefs and marine life. Why not climb Mount Kilimanjaro while you’re there!

Where-ever you go in Africa, there is an abundance of history and culture to enjoy whilst soaking in some of the most incredible views in the world.

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