General Guidance on Maid Visa for Expats Relocating to Dubai |

General Guidance on Maid Visa for Expats Relocating to Dubai

Here are the critical information that you need to know.

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6 November 2016

Last updated on 19 January 2020
General Guidance on Maid Visa for Expats Relocating to Dubai
Most of the families relocating to Dubai would like to hire full-time domestic helper or nanny. They may also like to relocate their existing helper from home country.

However, if you wish to hire a full-time domestic helper, the visa must be sponsored by an eligible expat. The process involves a clear set of procedures and formalities to follow.  

General Guidance on Maid Visa for Expats Relocating to Dubai

Here is some critical information to know before embarking on this process.

Domestic Helper Visa:

  • A maid’s visa can be obtained by Head of the Family (usually the sponsor - male), drawing a minimum salary of Dh.6000 per month or Dh.5000 + accommodation. Maids can only be sponsored if they are coming from the countries Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Indonesia as of 2 November 2016. A Nanny Visa can be sponsored from other nationality.
  • Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid. The sponsor must be living in Dubai with his family (wife/children) on a valid residence permit.
  • To apply for a Maid Visa, sponsor and his family must be issued with Residence permit and Emirates ID card. So it could take approximately 1 month to sponsor a maid visa after your first arrival.
  • All new maids will be screened for HIV, Hepatitis B, Pregnancy, Syphilis, TB and Leprosy and if they fail in any of these areas they will be deported.
  • Maid visa is valid for 1 year and needs to be renewed every year.
  • Each country has its own regulations regarding minimum salary, age criteria etc. Therefore, ensure that you also check with the respective consulate embassy for such details. For example, a housemaid from India / Philippines will have to be older than 30 but less than 60. There will also be differences in recommended minimum salaries from country to country. Therefore, we strongly suggest visiting the embassy website of the respective country for details.
  • If the maid is already in the country, the current employer will need to transfer or cancel her visa. The change of visa status is possible without her exiting the country.
  • There is a standardised or unified labour contract ("employment agreement") for maids, which is issued by the immigration or residence department at the time of visa application. This contract specifies vacation time, airline tickets, and other details of employment.
  • Maids that are the same nationality as the sponsor need special approval from the DNRD in Dubai, and you will need a document from your embassy/consulate.
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Written by Anita Chalke

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