Health Issues for Women to Consider Before Moving Abroad |

Health Issues for Women to Consider Before Moving Abroad

There are some issues that only women will face while living abroad.

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10 July 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Health Issues for Women to Consider Before Moving Abroad
When relocating there are two primary issues that both men and women should look into, however, there are some issues that only women will face and need to plan for. 
Here are 4 issues that women abroad need to take into consideration before making their move. 

Health Insurance

One of the most important things that you will need to consider before you finalise your relocation is your health insurance plans. You should not make finding your health insurance provider a last minute decision as there is a lot that you will need to consider carefully in order to choose the right provider. When looking for your medical insurance provider, ask yourself:
  • What does the coverage include?
  • In addition to health insurance, will I need a repatriation/evacuation plan or travel insurance?
  • Who can I speak to for emergency advice and how limited is my access to them?
  • What proof will I receive my insurance coverage?
  • Have I read the policy carefully, including the terms and conditions?
As a woman, there are some unique health needs that you will need to consider when applying for health insurance that you shouldn’t shy away from asking about when questioning providers. You want to make sure that you are supported in any and all kinds of emergencies, so think carefully about your decision.

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Birth Control and Family Planning

It’s important that you research beforehand into your needs and think about your plans for the future. Time differences may affect when you take your contraceptive pill and to change this routine suddenly can have some side-effects that you will need to discuss with your doctor. The efficiency of oral contraceptives can also be compromised by travel-related sicknesses, like flight and sea sickness as well as causes of illness caused by foods and stress. In which case, you may need to consider packing alternative forms of birth control and researching the availability and legality of birth control in the country you will be entering.
If you are pregnant or plan to have a child while you are abroad, it is vital that you read into this subject area and ask about your employee rights in the case of pregnancy and how that might affect you as an expat. Different countries treat pregnancy differently in the workplace and you may need to consider the possibility that falling pregnant may put you out of a job or affect your income. There is a lot that you will need to consider if you start a family abroad and your medical requirements especially should remain a high priority.

Pharmaceutical and hygiene products

There are many countries where counterfeit drugs are commonly sold as well as issues concerning the availability and safety of hygiene products. This can be a big concern for women, although you won’t always be able to bring your own supplies to keep you going. In which case, always go to a trusted pharmacy to buy any medications and with Santa Fe, our settling-in services are designed to help you find everything you need while you’re settling in and give you a lay of the land. We will help you locate a reliable pharmacist and any products you may need within the area.

Mental Health

Mental health is not addressed as often as it should when it comes to the needs and challenges of expatriates. Living abroad can be incredibly isolating, especially if you have yet to learn the language or have left loved ones back at home. Language barriers, cultural differences and the lack of a support system can often lead to depression as well as anxiety and your mental health should be a priority for you as well as your employer. Consider the types of mental health support that you have available and make sure that it is included in your contract or that you have facilities available, even if you don’t think you will need them.
If you need help finding this information or need help settling in and getting to know your new home, refer to our relocation services today and don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the helpful members of our team. 

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