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Moving To Singapore

Singapore is located in the southern region of Asia, at the tip of the Malaysian peninsular.

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12 March 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Moving To Singapore
Singapore is located in the southern region of Asia, at the tip of the Malaysian peninsular. It is an island country and city state with a capital that occupies a third of the main island territory. It is one of the world’s smallest countries but boasts one of the most successful and stable economies and the world’s second busiest port. Life in the capital is vibrant, lively and modern but Singapore has still maintained a lot of its history and culture, leading the country to have built up a large expat community.
Moving To Singapore
Singapore is a metropolis fit for any seasoned city dweller. Travel is affordable, efficient and readily available. Most residents prefer to take the train than to drive and the train services are well maintained, extensive and fast. Trains run continuously between 5.30am and midnight and there are shorter intervals between trains during peak times to comfortably accommodate a surge of passengers. Singapore also has extensive bus routes that work with an easy ‘travel card’ system and offers more scenic tours of the city and surrounding areas.
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Singapore has a culture that promotes harmony and is highly accepting of newcomers and foreigners. Almost a quarter of Singapore residents are non-natives and many large western companies have established headquarters here. The attractions represent a wide range of cultures across Asia and India – as well as western culture – and many diverse and high-quality restaurants are present in the capital. Singapore also has many easily accessible shopping centres and markets that feature all of the city’s integrated cultures.
Although professional opportunities are vast, the cost of property and living in Singapore can be steep especially in the heart of the capital. It is one of the most important centres of trade and finance in Asia, so potential expats of Singapore would benefit from taking the living costs into consideration before finalising their decision or discussing salaries with future employers.
Singapore is an ideal place for a family. Its tropical climate means that you would rarely experience bad weather and most indoor facilities and transport systems provide air condition. There is an abundance of parks, nature reserves and greenery around the island as well as sites of historical and cultural significance that have been and continue to be well preserved and maintained. The city of Singapore is also incredibly well maintained and healthy, with most public places being smoke-free, litter free and hygienic.
Singapore boasts an efficient healthcare system that is available to expats. The private medical sector of Singapore also has a reputation of excellent quality, although the cost isn’t particularly well regulated and such treatment is reserved for those with a lot more disposable income.
For expats seeking high-quality living and career opportunities, Singapore is the perfect location. It has impressively low levels of unemployment and a stable economy that will put you in the perfect position to strive for professional success. For more information on how we can help you to settle into your new location in Singapore, contact a member of our local team today.
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