Pampered Puppies – Hong Kong’s Dog Culture |

Pampered Puppies – Hong Kong’s Dog Culture

Owning a dog in Hong Kong is something of a status symbol, and the bigger the dog the better.

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27 December 2016

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Pampered Puppies – Hong Kong’s Dog Culture
If there is one thing that dog lovers will about moving to Hong Kong, it's the way that pooches are treated in this part of Asia. With one of the lowest birth rates in the world, Hong Kongers have taken to a unique way of lavishing attention – by pampering their pooches.
There are few places in the world where it's better to be a dog than Hong Kong. The village of Sai Kung, is particularly well known for its dog-friendly businesses, with dog spas, dog designed clothes stores and even an organic bakery for the dogs. All of these exist and thrive purely because of the affection that Hong Kongers feel for their dogs.
In many ways, owning a dog in Hong Kong is something of a status symbol, and the bigger the dog the better. While the larger dogs generally walk themselves, strolling happily along the pavement at the end of their owner’s leash, it's not uncommon to see smaller dogs being taken for a walk while riding along in a pram or a pushchair.

Dog owners in Hong Kong can be quite competitive with their fierce love of their pets too, meaning that their pets are perfectly groomed, heavily pampered, and occasionally dyed in a number of different colours, giving the appearance of a fancy hairdo or a highly fashionable bright neon pair of boots on their paws.

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Last year it was estimated that there were 174,975 canine pets living in Hong Kong – that's an impressive 158 dogs per square kilometre of Hong Kong available. Unfortunately not everyone in the city has the space for a dog, which has given rise to a couple of ways that people can spend time with their favourite canine friends.

For those of you who are happy just looking at the occasional picture, there are plenty of Hong Kongers dogs on Instagram with pseudo-celebrity status such as Mong the Pug, Gummy the Mongrel and Yoshi, a well-pampered shiba.

If however you would prefer to hang out with your favourite pooch in person you can head down to one of Hong Kong’s many dog cafés, such as the OnDogDog Café in Ho Man Tin. This café has three resident huskies, an akita and a shiba which you can go and spend time with, either lounging around or playing with any of the dogs in the room.

Several of these cafes (including OnDogDog) are pet friendly, meaning that you can bring your dog if you would like it to socialise with other pooches – just be aware that while you can order food for either yourself or your pet, you generally aren't allowed to feed the resident dogs unless specifically told otherwise. It's also worth noting that some people will have favourite pets they want to spend time with, so it may be worth avoiding a busy time if you want the dogs all to yourself!

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