Reasons to Relocate - Would You Move for Love or Money? |

Reasons to Relocate - Would You Move for Love or Money?

Are your moving because of love or money? Here are the things you need to consider before relocating.

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3 July 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Reasons to Relocate - Would You Move for Love or Money?
Everyone has their own unique motivations that lead them to relocate and relocating is common practice in this day and age. Some people relocate in pursuit of emotional fulfilment while other people see it as a step forwards in their career.

No matter whether you’re motivated by love or money, there are a few things that you should consider before you rush into the decision and it’s vital that you carefully consider both the benefits and drawbacks of your relocation.

Personal Reasons

The personal reasons behind many people’s relocation are some of the most varied and unique. People relocate to live closer to loved ones, build more suitable homes for their children, or to simply get a change of scene. Having personal reasons motivating your move can make relocating a more rewarding experience as there is often sentimental value attached to your new home, but these reasons can also be quite fickle.
Personal Reasons
One of the reasons why being emotionally attached to your relocation can be quite risky is expectations. There are often occasions when people develop an idealised idea of what life would be like when they relocate, and these imaginings don’t always coincide with the reality after they make their move. 
Other times, people discover that what they wanted at first isn’t quite what they want a few months down the line. This is why, if you are moving abroad due to personal reasons, you must make sure you carefully explore your options and learn as much as possible about the place you will be relocating to. It is only through research that you will get a good idea of what your new home and life will be like.
While considering your relocation, you need to put aside your personal motivations and take a more pragmatic approach to your decision – think less about your life of sunbathing and more about whether or not there’s a school available for your children. While the country may be ideal in terms of culture and climate, you need to also consider its economic situation and whether or not relocating may require taking a step back in terms of your financial situation. 
To find out more about your location of choice you can use our Area Orientation Tour. With our tour services we provide all the information, you need concerning available properties, schooling, everyday living and more to give you a comprehensive overview of your new home.

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Professional Reasons

The professional reasons that motivate people to relocate often relate to better career opportunities and better salaries. On rare occasions, a company may decide to move the entire business or build an additional facility elsewhere and elect current employees to occupy it.

Professional Reasons
While these types of reasons can be both professionally and financially rewarding, they often come with difficult decisions. Picking up and moving your entire life for a job requires a certain amount of faith in the role you are pursuing. Once you have the job and have moved, it’s difficult to turn back and undo your decision. 
So, before you decide to relocate for a job you need consider the effects that this move will have on your daily life, your family and your career as well as the benefits of your new job. Has your new company guaranteed job stability or is there a risk that you may be unemployed a few months after your move? Does this job offer unique opportunities that justify relocating?
Before making your move, you also need to make sure that you meet the necessary requirements to work in the area you are relocating to. You may require Intercultural and Language Training in order to thrive in your new workplace if you are moving abroad.
Overall, it is vital that you broadly consider the consequences of your relocation and find out if it’s right for you. We offer a range of relocation services to help you make the right decisions and smooth the relocation process.
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