Santa Fe's 7th Annual Global Mobility Survey |

Santa Fe's 7th Annual Global Mobility Survey

The Global Mobility Survey is one of the world’s largest and most robust studies of global mobility professionals worldwide.

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29 June 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Santa Fe's 7th Annual Global Mobility Survey

The 7th Annual Global Mobility Survey Report by Santa Fe Relocation Services is a thought-provoking and useful insight into the emerging 'global mobility' trend within organisations around the world. Find out what experts in the field have to say about integrating business strategy into the global mobility trend and how it can prove beneficial to companies and businesses worldwide.

The 2017 Santa Fe Global Mobility Survey shows conclusively that global mobility continues to be recognised by businesses as a vital factor in organisational growth and success, despite barriers to globalisation and the changing geopolitical context.

The survey also highlights that while significant challenges remain for global mobility teams, there are some encouraging signs of a more strategic, business-focussed approach, of improved ability to measure return on investment and of greater use of technology.

Following on from last year, the 2017 Global Mobility Survey continues to reflect the views of both business leaders and global mobility professionals and examines what changes have occurred over the past year.

The survey widely discusses trends in global mobility, its strategic value, enhancing employee experience, managing risk and staying compliant. 

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