These Are The Best Places in the World for Women in Engineering |

These Are The Best Places in the World for Women in Engineering

We're celebrating International Women in Engineering Day, which is an international celebration of female engineers...

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26 June 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
International Women in Engineering Day is An International Celebration of Female Engineers

In its sixth year, INWED supports women in the industry, encourages the education and application of engineering, and promotes sustainability by celebrating female success and promoting gender diversity.

This year also marks the 100th year of the Women’s Engineering Society, but just 12% of the workforce was female in 2018.

So we’re here to encourage and support women in the profession, and those looking to move into it. With the engineering industry worth £420.5 billion globally, this is an industry offering a career for life.

With this is mind, we look at the best places in the world for a career in engineering.


The country benefits from booming automotive and pharmaceutical industries, which means there is a wealth of very interesting engineering roles available here. No matter what kind of engineering role you are looking for, the innovative industry in the country is sure to offer a role that fits your ambition.

Germany is also an excellent destination to study for an engineering degree. German universities rank as some of the best in the world for scientific research, so if you’re looking to break into the engineering industry consider studying for your qualification here.

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Canada’s advanced economy, and excellent and vast access to natural resources (gas, wood etc.) make it a great location for petroleum and chemical engineering roles. Engineering professionals working here can choose from a wide range of engineering roles at all levels of seniority and in a number of different specialities.

Canada is also a great choice for engineers looking to work in socially and environmentally conscious roles, the country is known to be forward thinking and innovative in both areas. And INWES are supporting initiatives in the country to raise the percentage of women in engineering, from around 11% to at least 25%.

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New Zealand

This is the perfect choice for engineers looking for civil engineering roles. Due to the geography of the country, there is a great job market for civil engineers who can contribute towards safe structural progress and earthquake proofing.

New Zealand has a very stable economy, making this a very attractive move for expat engineer job seekers. And there are plentiful jobs available due to a skill deficit. Engineers here are in high demand with a large number of varied roles available.

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The Swiss engineering field is considered very innovative, making jobs in this very wealthy country highly coveted. The engineering industry is well respected and there are varied roles available for qualified expats.

Mechanical and chemical engineers contribute to the scientific research and manufacturing which are at the heat of the country’s financial success. This is a great place to work if you want to be at the forefront of development and be well financially compensated.


China’s job market has several impressive benefits. The country will soon beat the US to the top spot as largest economy in the world, as well as offering a varied range of engineering roles.

The engineering industry in China also benefits from large government investment including in infrastructure, science, and innovation. This means that there is huge growth and jobs available in every sector of the engineering industry. Expat and foreign workers are highly valued here.

If you’re looking to move abroad and want to get to know your new home, or need expert assistance with moving abroad for your dream career, get in touch and find out how we can help.

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