Top Tips for Relocating Your Pets |

Top Tips for Relocating Your Pets

Experts at Santa Fe Relocation provide a comprehensive guide on how to relocate your pet...

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26 August 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Top Tips for Relocating Your Pets

Relocating your beloved pet can feel very daunting however with these top tips we hope to reduce some of that stress.

There are two types of methods to relocate your pets; in cargo or as excess baggage. This will greatly depend on which country you will be relocating to, for example the UK and Australia only allow pets to travel via cargo.

1. Export Requirements

Every country will have different exporting and importing requirements, however there are some basic requirements that your pet would definitely need:

  • Export permit
  • Valid annual vaccinations
  • Proof that the animal is microchipped
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved travel crate
  • Export health certificate (fit to fly certificate) completed by their vet prior to travel (You can contact our partners at Vienna Veterinary Clinic for the travel certificate and calming remedies on 04 388 3827 for an appointment)

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2. Travel timings

If you are planning on travelling in the summer, remember to book a later flight so that your pet isn’t outside in the summer heat.

3. Reduce Stress

Try to reduce the stress or nerves on the day of travel as your pets are very intuitive to emotions and they will pick up on this and mirror your emotions.

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4. Don’t Feed your pet just before Travelling

Unless recommended by your vet, do not feed your pets before travelling. Giving your pet a large meal before travelling can cause them to be sick and leave them uncomfortable during the transit.

5. Give your pets some space

Take your pets on a walk or give them to freedom to run around before enclosing them in there IATA approved crate. This will also ensure it gives them enough time to do there needed business.

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6. Contact a Pet relocation specialist

As the requirements can alter between different locations/animals, find a pet relocation specialist who can advise the exact requirements for your pet. And make sure you check what is needed well in advance as that move date will soon sneak up on you.

If you are moving abroad soon and require pet relocation, get in touch with a member of our friendly team to find out how we ensure a fantastic experience on 04 332 1595, today.

Authored by Gemma Barakat

Team Lead – Consumer Sales
Santa Fe Relocation

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