Your Ultimate Checklist When Moving Abroad |

Your Ultimate Checklist When Moving Abroad

Are you planning to move abroad? Here’s a complete checklist to help you with the process.

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4 December 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Your Ultimate Checklist When Moving Abroad
If you are planning to move to Dubai or anywhere else in the world there are certain preparations that you need to accomplish to ensure a smooth transition. When it comes to packing up your life-long possessions and moving abroad, you want to make sure the experience is as easy and as stress-free as possible. 
If you’re married to, or in a relationship with a career expat, there is a possibility that you may have to relocate every few years as your partner follows his/her career. At this stage, you will already be aware of a large majority, if not all, the details you need to consider before you move abroad. 
To make sure you don’t forget anything, Santa Fe Relocation in Dubai created the ultimate checklist for moving abroad to make you feel at ease throughout the entirety of the exhausting process, and for you to refer back to again and again.

Transferring money

Transferring money to and your new home abroad can be costly, especially if you decide to use your high street bank. When making an international payment, as well as charging an upfront fee, high-street banks add a markup value to the exchange rate – without warning. Often, this will lead to an unfair exchange rate. To get the best rate possible and the lowest fees, you should consider safe and reliable innovative services, such as Transferwise. Transferwise is a new system used to convert money to send abroad, for less.

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Opening a bank account abroad

One of the most important aspects of moving abroad is opening a bank account, although it may be more difficult than you expect. However, luckily, a large majority of major global banks, including HSBC, Santander and Lloyds, have services in place specifically for expats. In order to open an account abroad, you’ll need to provide your chosen bank with your passport, proof of income, source of income and visas if required. These accounts can be set up in advance to ensure that everything is in place when you arrive.

Finding a new home abroad

Finding a new home abroad
Thanks to technology, finding a new home abroad without lots of travel involved has never been easier. Online property portals, such as Zoopla and Rightmove, allow you to search overseas in the comfort of your own home, using your own property search criteria – so you don’t have to move a muscle! When it comes down to renting or buying a new home abroad, here’s what you need to consider:
  • Renting a property

Renting a property abroad is an attractive option that offers several advantages wherever you go. The great news is renting a property abroad is relatively straightforward. If you move to a country with a low cost of living, the chances are you’ll pay much less than you would in the UK and the US for a similar-sized property.

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  • Buying a property

Whilst renting a home abroad is a walk in the park, buying a property abroad is another story. If your currency’s rise is tempting you into buying a place in the sun, make sure you avoid the property pitfall of buying abroad. Whilst the process remains near enough the same as buying a home in the UK or US, you will need to seek specialist advice from independent solicitors, valuers, architects and conveyors before buying a property abroad. There’s much more to consider too, including the cost of tax, the location, property ownership and whether or not you opt for a new build. If your partner tends to relocate numerous times throughout their career, buying a property is not always the best option.

Understanding how to best master the new language

If you’re moving to a non-English speaking country, you may want to consider learning your new home country’s language before you go, or at least the basic language skills you need to know to carry out simple tasks, such as asking how much something is or asking for directions. Although languages majorly improve once you are abroad, free apps found in the App Store, such as Duolingo, can help you get started at no extra cost.

Identifying local living costs

The amount it costs to live abroad varies massively around the world. Whilst the cheapest countries to live in the world for expats include Romania, Spain and Taiwan, places such as Australia, Los Angeles and Dubai remain at the top of the scale. To identify how much living abroad could cost you, check out the Expatistan’s Cost of Living World Map, and calculate your city’s price index value.

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Taking your pets with you

In order to ensure your pets can come with you when you move abroad, you need to understand the rules for pet travel that directly relates to the country you are moving to. When moving to certain countries, your pet might require vaccinations and microchipping. If the pet owner fails to follow these rules, their pet may be put into quarantine for up to four months after being refused entry.
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