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How Do Repatriation Flights from the UAE Work? A Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about repatriation flights from the UAE via Emirates, flydubai, Etihad, and Air Arabia.

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1 May 2020

Last updated on 10 May 2020
How Do Repatriation Flights from the UAE Work? A Complete Guide

While commercial flights may feel non-existent these days, you may be able to hop on a repatriation flight from the UAE.

Borders across the globe have been closed and international flights suspended due to the pandemic, with the UAE as no exception. Since March 24, it’s been hard for many residents and visitors to find an option to travel back home as commercial flights temporarily cease activities.

However, a limited number of airline companies are carrying out repatriation flights for citizens who have been trying to return home.

What are repatriation flights from the UAE?

Repatriation flights are special flights, organised between governments and airlines to help bring back citizens who got stuck abroad before the Covid-19 travel restrictions were implemented.

Most of these repatriation flights only accept flyers who are permanent residents or citizens of the destination country.

UAE airline carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, Flydubai, and Air Arabia have added repatriation flights to a number of countries in their itinerary, allowing passengers to fly home from the UAE.

How to find a repatriation flight in the UAE

Interested passengers can book a flight online via the carrier’s website.

It’s important to note that the situation with UAE repatriation flights may change, so passengers are advised to continuously check for their travel eligibility and requirements prior to booking a flight.

How Do Repatriation Flights from the UAE Work? A Complete Guide

How do airlines decide where to open a repatriation flight?

Airline companies are opening repatriation flights from the UAE based on demand, with most flights generally filling up fast due to the high volume of passengers and the limited seating available (social distancing restrictions).

It’s recommended to follow your local embassy and consular offices if you’re searching for a flight home, as they usually have the latest alerts about potential repatriation flights.

Which countries are UAE repatriation flights flying to?

As of publishing, UAE outbound flights have opened for the following countries and airlines:

Repatriation flights with Emirates Airlines

South America

  • Sao Paolo: Flight on May 3.


  • London: Flights every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday until May 14.
  • Frankfurt: Flights every Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday from until May 13.


  • Manila: Flights every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday until May 15. Saturday May 16.
    • Shanghai: Flight on May 2.
How Do Repatriation Flights from the UAE Work? A Complete Guide

Repatriation flights with Etihad Airways

North America

  • New York: Flight on May 4.
  • Toronto: Flight on May 11.


  • Amsterdam: Flights every Wednesday and Saturday until May 30.
  • Barcelona: Flights every Sunday and Thursday until May 31.
  • Brussels Flights every Sunday and Friday throughout May.
  • Dublin: Flight on May 1.
  • London: Flights every Wednesdays and Saturdays until May 30.
  • Frankfurt: Flights every Sunday throughout May.
  • Zurich Flights every Sunday and Friday throughout May.


  • Manila: Flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays until May 29.
How Do Repatriation Flights from the UAE Work? A Complete Guide

Repatriation flights with Flydubai


  • Azerbaijan: Flight on May 3.
  • Baghdad: Flight on May 30.
  • Dushanbe: Flight on May 1.


  • Belgrade, Serbia: Flight on May 8.
  • Naples, Italy: Flight on May 4.
  • Zagreb, Croatia: Flight on May 2.

Repatriation flights with Air Arabia

  • Tehran: Flights until May 12.
  • Lar: Flights until May 14.
  • Shiraz: Flights on May 2 and May 9.

For more detailed information from boarding terminal to online check-in and seat selection, visit the respective airline website to find out more.