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ESMOD Dubai - Luxury Brand Management

Get the vital managerial skills to successfully run operations in the fashion and luxury goods industry

The Luxury Brand Manager is the guardian of the brand and a sought-after role within the luxury brands internationally in various sectors such as fashion, lifestyle, automotive, jewelry, accessories, services, and other industry verticals.

The Masterclass is for individuals seeking professional positions both at the operations and strategic levels in management, marketing, branding, advertising, buying, PR and communication in the fledgling luxury sector at various levels in the Middle East & internationally.

The Masterclass can be undertaken by those already working in the industry or those looking for a career change to enhance their skills and attain global exposure through directed training and industry case studies. The course is taught in the evenings to allow working professionals & students to attend.

During the course, the student will acquire the knowledge of managing all aspects of a luxury brand, from the product development process to price strategies. How to work with Marketing & PR departments to ensure that the promotion activities are aligned with the brands' vision and looking after the retail environment.

The course assessment is carried through projects and assignments to ensure solid professional development.


  • History of Luxury & heritage
  • What is luxury today
  • Luxury products characteristics
  • Product pricing strategies
  • Luxury brand characteristics
  • Luxury brand strategy
  • Marketing analysis 4 P’s & 6 P’s
  • Brand loyalty
  • Strategy development
  • New product development
  • Luxury product management
  • Brand & Product extension
  • Communication & Promotion
  • Sponsorship
  • Luxury retail strategy
  • Luxury consumers
  • Luxury employees


On successful completion of the course, individuals will be fully prepared for careers at the operations and strategic levels in management, marketing, branding, advertising, buying, PR and communication.


Passionate individuals without prior work experience with a keen desire to work in the luxury industry.
Business or Marketing graduates.
Junior fashion executives.


ESMOD Dubai Post-Graduate Masterclass Certificate


From February 23, 2020 onwards

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ESMOD Dubai Campus, Dubai Academic City