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4 Easy Ways to Wear Red to Work

Want to add a pop of colour to your work outfit? Here's some perfect ways to help you to wear red for the office...

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25 July 2016

Last updated on 1 August 2017
4 Easy Ways to Wear Red to Work
Red. It's a lot more than just a colour. Think about it; when was the last time you wore a red lipstick, or red heels, or donned a red handbag or statement dress? We bet you felt brilliant, right? 

While many of us save our red pieces for the festive season or wintery months, there's really no need to hide the colour away for the rest of the year...

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After all, red doesn't just mean festivity. It also means power! The colour is a great attention-grabber too, even when worn in the most subtle ways. By incorporating the colour into your daily outfits for work, we have no doubts you feel great, confident and powerful. 

So follow in the footsteps of Taylor Swift, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett O'Hara and start wearing the colour at work! We'll help. 

Wear red nail polish at work

Paint your nails red

Small, subtle but bright enough to be eye-catching while you type, type, type away on your keyboard at your desk. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi at the salon, or simply snuggle up for a pampering session at home and give your nails a red makeover. 

Wear red lipstick to work

Wear red lipstick

Very easy, very simple and with the right precision and shade of colour to suit your skin tone, it's the perfect show-stopping way to add red to your work outfit. We promise you, something so simple as red lipstick will help project a lot of confidence in you. 

Carry a red handbag to work

Carry a red handbag with you

Something so simple as carrying a red handbag will give you a real boost of confidence, we're sure of it. A bright red bag really pops and makes a neutral outfit for the day. So if you like to wear a lot of white, black, grey, tan, or even camel and navy, a red handbag would look gorgeous and will really complete the look! 

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How to wear red heels to work

Don a pair of red shoes

They're the perfect pair of heels that will take you straight from the office to an after-work meet-up! A pair of red heels are guaranteed to boost your confidence for the entire day. Combine them with dark denim and a crisp shirt, or a pencil skirt and you're good to go.