Beware Of Fake Dubai Job Ads On Social Media |

Beware Of Fake Dubai Job Ads On Social Media

Always be careful about job listings to work in Dubai on social media, a majority of them will scam you out of money and information

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27 September 2018

Last updated on 27 September 2018
Fake Dubai Job Ads

For those living abroad or just looking to change jobs in Dubai, scammers have been posting fake jobs on social media.

When you’re searching for a job, you can tend to look for any signs that can help your employment and some expats from abroad who are looking to move to Dubai have fallen victim to these “signs.”

These job postings that pop up on social media through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram seeking employees with a seemingly real job description and fake promises, have duped lots of applicants.

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There has been a wave of unverified employment ads on Facebook, especially for Dubai-based jobs as accountants, hostesses, waiters, managers, teachers etc… that promise good salaries, housing and medical insurance to relocate and work in Dubai.

Scammers will lure you in with the possibility of the job on social media and once you apply, they’ll send you a fake offer letter and visa application and expect a processing fee in return.

Many expats based abroad who are seeking jobs in Dubai can fall victim to this as scammers can take advantage and usually extort them for money or misuse their personal information.

How can I stay away from fake job ads?

It’s important to note that you need to be skeptical about any job listing on social media – if the jobs is not from the direct company’s verified social media account, from the company’s existing HR or a verified job recruiter in Dubai.

Here are a few things to avoid when looking for a job in the UAE

  • 1. Always try to apply directly to the company’s job posts through official websites

    Make sure the website is genuine – check if the company is legitimate, if the contact information is working and if the job vacancy is actually real. Try giving the company a call and ask about the job posting to get further information.

  • 2. When seeking jobs via social media, try to use reliable recruitment websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor etc…

    It is unlikely that a company will seek employees through their social media platforms but if they do, always make sure their page is verified with a blue check mark first.

  • 3. If a recruiter tries to communicate with you through unconventional methods i.e. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Message then you should be sceptical.

    Most HR executives will approach you with a valid company email.

  • 4. Never give these “recruiters” any sort of hiring fees or recruitment pay – it is illegal to do so in the UAE.
  • 5. Ask friends and family members in the UAE to check the reliability of the company and job listing – sometimes having someone in the country itself can ease your job search.


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