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Expert Tips on Working From Home

Having to work from home can be a huge adjustment for some, here are some top tips on how to adapt

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14 May 2020

Last updated on 4 June 2020
Working from home with Cigna

Picture: Supplied | Adjusting to work is easy with these top tips

Working from home at the moment? Here's some top tips on how to make it work for you...

During this unprecedented situation, many people around the world might be finding themselves adjusting to working from home. As specialists in providing health and well-being support, the team at Cigna Global have gathered these tips to support you.

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But first, here are some working from home top tips...

Spend time with your kids

Working from home can be challenging but it can also be a fun time. It gives you something different from your normal routine and comes with many benefits, especially for parents.

For parents that are now working from home and trying to balance having their kids around whilst they work, this may take some getting used to. However, try and use it as an opportunity to bond with your kids. You can enjoy the added time you get to spend with your children at home.

Take a virtual coffee break

Being at home and away from your work colleagues can be lonely for some. If you are missing spending time with your friends in the office, why not try and take a virtual coffee break with them? There are plenty of conference call systems that will allow you to do this. It will allow you to check in and see how you are doing and also be a healthy break from your work.

Make a plan for your day

Studies suggest that when working from home, you may struggle to switch off. It will help if you make a plan for every day. For example, plan ahead for the daily tasks you need to do, take regular screen breaks and remember to eat a balanced diet. Making a plan will help you to focus and maintain a good work-life balance.

Take regular breaks

Pick a room that you are not working in to take these breaks; it’s a change of scenery from your work space and it will help take your mind of things. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat, try to resist the temptation to eat next to your laptop and take a break away from your work instead.

Working from home with Cigna

Picture: Supplied | Make time in your day to spend with loved ones

Maintain contact with others

Social interactions with colleagues don’t have to stop once you are working from home. In today’s world, we are lucky enough to have plenty of ways to maintain contact outside of the office.

So that’s why it is so important to still have those interactions with your work colleagues. You can still have the water cooler chats and desk banter, but done through things like Botim or Zoom. Keep in touch with them; make sure they are all doing okay.

Remain focused

Keeping focused will be key for those looking to stay healthy whilst working from home. Think carefully about your own mental health and remember to reach out to someone if you feel like you are struggling. When working from home, it’s more important than ever that your working day does not encroach into your personal life.

Don’t forget to exercise

Last but not least, exercise. This is still important to make sure you are still getting some exercise during the day. At lunchtime, instead of turning on the TV or playing video games, try getting outside for a walk. Exercise is good for the body and mind so this is important to do when possible.

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