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15 Online Courses Currently Available For Less

Is it time for a change? Check out these incredible courses that you can complete online from the comfort of your home

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17 March 2020

Last updated on 17 March 2020
by Rebecca Roberts
Online courses from Cobone

Is it time for a career change? To learn a new hobby? Here's some great courses available online at discounted prices...

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, millions of people worldwide have been encouraged to self-isolate and quarantine to prevent further spreading of the new virus.

At first, the thought of being constrained in the four walls of your home can be a daunting one for some, but as COVID-19 precautions are put in place, there's no reason why we can't take this opportunity to be productive.

A lot of people here in the UAE particularly are living in uncertain times; but there's a silver lining to every cloud, and instead of going stir-crazy at home, why not take this extra time to learn something new?

Expand your CV from the comfort of your own home, or dive into a brand new hobby or interest... To help you get started, here are 15 online courses that are currently discounted on Cobone for you to explore!

1. Nutrition or sports nutrition online with Live Online Academy from AED 9

Enroll to a nutrition or sports nutrition online course and retrain yourself towards a more active life, thanks to Live Online Academy! Prices start from AED 9 for an introduction course in both specialties, or opt for the full diploma courses for just AED 19.

2. TOEFL preparatory course membership from AED 69 with Kaleidoscope Global

Have plans to teach English as a foreign language abroad? With this TOEFL preparatory course deal you can choose from a 6 month, 12 month, 18 month, 36 month, or a 60 month membership that all end with a course completion certificate. Prices range between AED 69 and AED 229. It's the most popular language examination in the world, and TOEFL is recognised by most international employers worldwide - so what are you waiting for?

3. Photography and editing course online from AED 9 only with Live Online Academy

Sharpen your photo-taking skills! Enroll for an online diploma in photography and editing courses at Live Online Academy from AED 9 only. Choose from introduction courses or diploma courses in photography, Adobe PhotoShop, and Adobe Lightroom.

Online courses from Cobone

4. Financial trading and investment online courses from AED 9

Build a career in finance with Live Online Academy introduction or diploma courses in financial trading and investment from just AED 9.

5. Online mindfulness masterclass course for only AED 29

Learn to switch off! Start to practice mindfulness techniques to live in the present and reduce stress with Trendimi for only AED 29! In this online course, you'll discover mindful living, meditation, breathwork, happiness, removing harmful patterns, and how to embrace mindfulness without thinking.

6. Online event planner course for AED 29 with Trendimi

Rock the world of events with this online course! Sign-up with Trendimi and use your creative skills to produce the most amazing events everyone wants to go to thanks to their certified event planner course. For just AED 29, learn critical skills related to meeting and gaining clients, create an event around a client's needs, plan events with tutorials, different types of events, designing and creating promotions, developing timelines, planning entertainment, following current events, establishing dress codes, and much, much more.

7. Hotel receptionist online course with New Skills Academy for just AED 29

Learn about the nitty-gritty of working in the hospitality sector with this hotel receptionist online course, available for only AED 29 with New Skills Academy - certificate included, of course!

8. For just AED 29, take an online digital marketing masterclass

Develop your online marketing knowledge with this online course by Edukator London's digital marketing masterclass. The deal includes a whopping 12 courses in 1 for just AED 29! Upon successful completion, you will qualify for a UK and internationally-recognised professional qualification, with a free certificate to prove it at the end.

9. Take an organisational skills course online for AED 29 only

Learn how to successfully plan and manage your business with this organisational skills online course with New Skills Academy for just AED 29. You'll learn the definition of organisational skills and what they entail, as well as the benefits of having them. You'll have lifetime access to the course, and receive a certificate upon completion.

Online courses from Cobone

10. Take a wedding planner online course for AED 29 with International Open Academy

Help the bride and groom have the happiest day of their lives! Enroll in a wedding planner course for just AED 29, and gain access to videos, written lessons, exercises, exams, certification, and more! With the IOA wedding planner course, you'll achieve excellent grounding in all aspects of planning a wedding celebration.

11. Autism awareness online course for AED 29

Understand the challenges for people with Autism, and enroll in an Autism awareness online course with International Open Academy for just AED 29. Includes videos, certification, and more.

12. Learn to play the guitar with this TotallyGuitars online membership for just AED 39

Learn and rock with your guitar while enjoying up to 60 months of TotallyGuitars membership by Kaleidoscope Global from only AED 39. Options available include 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, or a whopping 60 months membership! Gain access to over 305 video segments, over 40 hours of HD video instructions on all the different aspects of playing the guitar, and much, much more!

13. Digital marketing online course for AED 25

Gain a better understanding for your career with a certified digital marketing online course from Lead Academy for just AED 25 only. Receive a free certificate upon course completion with this UK and globally-recognised accredited qualification.

14. Web development and graphic design courses from AED 9 only

Create your website in no time! Learn all about web development, web design, or graphic design through Live Online Academy from only AED 9. Opt for an introduction course in web development, web design, or graphic design or choose for just AED 19 an online diploma course in any of the three topics.

15. Weight loss and metabolism online diploma for AED 29

Obesity can be fatal - learn all about weight management and diet with this online diploma with Lead Academy for just AED 29. Enroll and discover everything there is to know about weight loss and metabolism with this online diploma course. It's designed by industry specialists, and will help kick-start your career in the field.

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