Good Conduct Certificate Now Required for a UAE Visa and Work Permit |

Good Conduct Certificate Now Required for a UAE Visa and Work Permit

Expats must now ensure they have the mandatory 'certificate of good conduct' before gaining their work visa in Dubai and the UAE

Posted on

11 January 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
by Rebecca Roberts
Good Conduct Certificate for UAE Work Visa

In early 2017, we shared news that security checks on foreign workers would be imminent, and foreign workers moving to the UAE will need a police clearance certificate in order to gain their UAE work visa.

Now, this new mandatory prerequisite for ALL expats wishing to enter the UAE for work will be enforced on February 4th, 2018.

The new change comes to the UAE's visa system in an effort to ensure the safety of the UAE's national security and create a safer community, by checking that expat workers moving to Dubai and the UAE do not have a criminal record in their home country or a previous country of residence.

Important things to know about the UAE's new visa requirement

  • It's important to be aware that the 'good conduct and behaviour certificate' will only be applicable for the worker concerned, and not for their dependants.
  • Tourists wishing to enter the country on tourist visas needn't gain a certificate.
  • The security screening only applies to new work visas - and is not needed for renewed visas.
  • Meaning, it will mostly affect expats applying for their first job in the UAE.
  • The certificate is not required for students.
  • The certificate is not required for persons visiting the UAE on medical or mission visas.

When does the visa requirement come into effect?

From February 4th, 2018 and onwards, a good conduct and behaviour certificate will have to be produced when applying for a job visa.

Should the certificate of conduct be attested?

Once the certificate has been given by the worker's home country or previous country of residence, the certificate must then be certified by the UAE's missions abroad, or attested at a customer happiness centre of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Do UAE residents require a good conduct certificate?

Those born and raised in the UAE will not need a good conduct and behaviour certificate to apply for their work visa.

Only individuals who have spent some time in their home country, or another country, before applying for a job, must produce a good conduct certificate.

Who else requires a good conduct certificate?

The security screening will apply to all foreign workers, expats and applicants - including domestic workers.

If an individual has lived and worked in multiple countries in the past five years, they must produce a certificate of good behaviour and conduct from each country.