How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in Dubai |

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in Dubai

We've put together an expert's top three tips for making a standout resume.

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28 February 2021

Last updated on 14 March 2021
How to Make Your Resume Stand Out in Dubai

UAE recruiters receive countless resumes.

For any job that gets advertised, recruiters can get between 150 to 250 resumes, according to various studies.

This means, on average, hiring managers have to go through 150 to 250 job applications for any job they advertise. That's a lot of tiresome work for the hiring manager, especially since many of the applications they receive don't fulfill the requirements of the job and some are for jobs the company isn't hiring for.

It is no wonder hiring managers give each application only mere seconds during the initial assessment stage.

Recruiters view each resume for only around 6 seconds, quickly scanning and checking the application for important points about the job candidate to assess compatibility, before deciding whether to shortlist or send the resume to the delete pile. Add to that a few more moments reading and checking the cover letters.

This means job applicants in Dubai have only a few seconds to get the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter and make their application stand out from others. That's tough competition for the job seeker.

The positive news is that you can use this information to your benefit. Since most job applications are similar and below standard, with a little effort, you can make yours stand out.

In addition to ensuring you are only applying to jobs you are qualified for and having only relevant information on your resume, here are three things you can do to make your job application catch the eye of the recruiter.

How to make a standout resume in Dubai

1. Keep it short and simple

Make your cover letter short and include only the most important points about yourself and your career.

2. Make important points stand out

Use bold type to make important points and achievements from your career history stand out on your resume.

Because evaluating job candidates is a tedious activity, making the resume interesting will remove the boredom factor and make it get the attention it needs to get you the interview you need.

3. Experiment with graphics and images

Use graphics on your resume to convey important information while also making your resume appealing to the eye.

Finally, don't allow traditionally accepted methods to determine how creative you can get. If something makes your application more effective and eye-catching, use it.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting. You might use graphs or images on the cover letter to convey your qualifications. This may make your application interesting enough to get the hiring manager to give your resume a read and even invite you for an interview.

The only restriction is to not overdo it.

Contributed by Kokab Rahman

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