How To Stay Healthy While At Work |

How To Stay Healthy While At Work

There are plenty of ways to keep your body and mind in tip-top condition at the office...

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25 December 2018

Last updated on 25 December 2018
Healthy While At Work

We’ve all been there

Sitting at our desk for hours on end, eyes burning, stuffing a supermarket sandwich in our mouths along with a fizzy drink for lunch, before deciding we’re too tired to go to the gym or for a run after work.

It’s easy to blame the office environment or our bosses, but perhaps not for much longer.

Fear not, because there are plenty of ways you can be healthier at work, starting today.

1. Bring your own fruit – and make it exciting

We can all fall into the trap of trying to eat fruit, then eschewing it in favour of those biscuits someone’s brought back from their hols.

So, try and make your fruit more exciting.

Yes, it’ll take a little more time, but chopping up fruit and adding seeds and nuts suddenly gives you a cute salad, rather than ‘just an apple’.

2. Make your own lunch

One step further than bringing your own fruit is making your own lunch.

We’re so used to grabbing lunch on the go, but it’s not always the healthiest option - stepping away from processed food is a very easy way to stay healthier at work.

Try making your own soup at the weekend, or a rice salad packed with veggies.

You’ll feel virtuous, too, as you won’t be paying loads of money for lunch.

3. Move around

Screen breaks are so important, but we often forget to take them – or close down a spreadsheet to simply browse the internet instead.

Have a clock on your desk, or set an online diary alert on the hour to remind yourself to get up and walk away from the glare of the screen.

You could also ask for an anti-glare cover to help reduce the strain on your eyes.

4. Download a meditation app

Mindfulness and meditation apps can turn a stressful journey into a more peaceful one and find you arriving at work all the more zen and ready for that challenging meeting.

They work at lunchtime, too.

You’ll probably find you’re much more productive after some fresh air and time out in the middle of the day.

5. Have a herbal tea

We all know we need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

It’s not just about keeping our insides happy – water is essential for eye health, as well as clear, healthy skin.

But if you’re a bit sick of plain old water, try skipping that afternoon cuppa or coffee (full of caffeine) and have a herbal tea instead.

Peppermint and ginger will help your digestion, too.

6. Clean your equipment

Sure, someone might wipe down your desks at night or before the weekend, but it’s also very easy to keep germs at bay by keeping your workspace clean.

Buy some anti-bac wipes for the phone and keyboard, especially if you’re moving around between different desks.

7. Add plants to your space

Having a plant on your desk is good for your mental health, as it gives you something to care for and makes the place look prettier.

There’s even evidence they can help improve productivity thanks to something called ‘attention restoration theory’ – the idea that we’re better able to concentrate after spending time in, or looking at, nature.

8. Use your lunch break wisely

Read a book, or download a podcast to make the most of that break in the day.

Joining that office yoga class could be just what your body and mind need.