Invalid UAE Visa Once Out Of The Country For More Than 6 Months |

Invalid UAE Visa Once Out Of The Country For More Than 6 Months

A temporary visa becomes invalid if you’re out of the UAE for more than 6 months

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19 November 2018

Last updated on 19 November 2018
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For all amnesty seekers who reside in parts of the UAE, it’s important to know the UAE visa laws

While residents may find that the laws regarding the UAE visa laws may be constantly amended, but that's there to help expats stay in the country with ease – but a new law will ensure that no advantages are being taken out of your time in the UAE.

For those who reside in the UAE on a 6 months temporary visa – which is usually given to job seekers in the country – will officially become invalid once the visa holder leaves the UAE for a long period of time.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality (FAIC) has stated that job-seekers under the visa amnesty agreement, who have been granted the opportunity to reside in the UAE for a job search, must adhere to the new amendment.

How’s it different than a UAE residency visa?

The temporary visa does not have the same rights as the residency visa in the UAE.

However, those with the 6 months temporary visa can enter and exit the UAE once during the 6 months validity period – but the visa will automatically expire if the holder is out of the country for more than 6 months at once.

This is due to the temporary visa not being a multiple entry one and visa holders will need to apply for a new one if the visa becomes invalid after 6 months.

The temporary visa, which costs AED600, is granted for amnesty residents that wish to find job opportunities in the UAE that must not have pending fines from the country they are fleeing from.

Brigadier Saeed Rakan Al Rashid, director of residence affairs at the FAIC, said the following: "But if they don't find a job within that period, they will have to leave the country and return on a visit visa. The temporary visa cannot be renewed after it expires."

Also, temporary visa holders also cannot do any kind of work, "He/she has to secure a job and then get an employment visa before he/she can work," he added.