Six Month Multiple-Entry UAE Visa Launched |

Long-Term UAE Residence Visa Now Available for Jobseekers

A new six-month multiple entry visa will make it easier for jobseekers to explore opportunities

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16 May 2019

Last updated on 22 May 2019
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Long-Term UAE Residence Visa Now Available for Jobseekers

This week saw the UAE announce a new six-month multiple entry visa.

Investors, exceptional students and talented individuals can apply for the visa, which aims to help individuals take the time to explore opportunities in the country, as well as review facilities to help them decide if the UAE is the place for them.

Created by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship ICA), there are three different options available, which includes:

  • A six-month visa, with several trips to complete the procedure for a residency of an investor
  • A six-month visa, with several trips to complete a long-term residency procedure for entrepreneurs and exceptional students
  • A six-month visa, which includes on trip to complete the residency procedure for talented individuals

Since launching the new visas, the ICA has revealed that over 6,000 applications have been made by investors and entrepreneurs in the first week. Interested persons must visit this page to apply for the visa, which can be accessed without the need to create an account.

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The Director-General of Foreign Affairs and Ports at ICA, Major General Saeed Rakan Al Rashidi, shared that there is a great demand for these facilities which, in return, will enhance the UAE as a destination for investors all over the world.

New UAE visa to provide more opportunities

There is no doubt that this new visa is a great opportunity for people to come to the UAE and explore what the country has to offer in their specific field.

It will allow prospective employees to review different facilities, seek opportunities and allow them enough time to evaluate their options before deciding if the UAE is the place for them and their family.

Holders of this new visa will receive an EID

Perhaps one of the biggest perks of this visa is the ability to obtain an Emirates ID card with the six-month visa.

This will allow jobseekers to complete tasks, like opening a bank account, property registration and licencing procedures with ease.

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Al Rashidi also said that the visa is available for entrepreneurs and investors outside the UAE, with the hope that it will attract investments and owners of leading companies that hold international expertise in crucial sectors of the national economy.

He also stated that the individuals who meet the requirements to obtain a long-term visa in various categories can apply via e-channels online and monitor their accounts on the system without having to obtain a six-month visa first.

How to get a six-month visa in UAE

Head to the official ICA website and browse their smart services here. Select which visa you’d like to apply for and follow the steps online.

Other new UAE visas available recently

To enhance the UAE's position as a land of opportunities and a destination for talents and professionals, other residency visas have been introduced over recent months, including:

  • 10 year investor residency visa

This visa allows investors to reside in the UAE for a period of 10 years without a UAE-based sponsor. You may have your spouse and children on the same visa, along with up to three domestic workers. Find out more about the 10 year UAE residency visa, here.

  • 5 year residency of an investor in real estate

This application allows a person to gain a UAE residency for 5 years without a UAE sponsor. On this visa, they can sponsor family members, including a spouse and children, along with three domestic workers. The UAE visa holder must have one or more properties in the UAE, with a total value of no less than AED 5 million. The property should be wholly owned, and with this visa comes a health insurance document for all sponsored individuals.

  • 5 year entrepreneur residency visa

To obtain this visa, a successful previous project must be completed that held a minimum worth of AED 500,000. You must also have approval from certified business incubators in the UAE. This visa also gives the holder the opportunity to qualify for a 10 year investor visa.