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Over 600 Influencers Have Signed Up For Work In The UAE This Year

They have registered for a license and are seeking work online

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7 November 2018

Last updated on 8 November 2018

The influencer market has boomed drastically in the last couple of months

And to show you just how much – more than 600 influencers have signed up to get a license to work via online platforms in the UAE.

The National Media Council has declared that over course of five months, hundreds of influencers have been granted licenses to work online and that number is still increasing month by month.

The council had issued a new law regarding influencers in the UAE – stating that to receive any money for advertisements, franchises or online jobs, that they have to apply and obtain an "influence license" beforehand.

By doing so, the council can ensure that the influencer is reliable and won’t cause any harm when promoting or speaking to the public in the UAE via their social channels.

NMC has also issued around 150 e-media licenses to companies – back in June, the council set a new rule stating that websites who want to hire influencers must acquire these operation licenses (e-media license) first.

For influencers who wish to work in the UAE or companies who wish to hire influencers in the UAE, they must both obtain the following licenses:

  • 1. An e-media license – at a cost of AED15,000
  • 2. A trade license – the cost of this varies on the type of company

In a statement by the NMC:

"The government decided to issue licenses for electronic media to enhance its reliability. Individuals and firms that operate online for commercial purposes and haven't obtained the e-media licenses should register with the NMC and get one to avoid problems.”

The UAE-based council also warned the public against believing everything they see or hear through their influencers – as many influencers promote products and services that may not be safe for the public.

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Influencers and companies who are caught promoting harmful products or services may hit with an AED5,000 fine and can get their social media accounts permanently shut down.

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