UAE Freelancers: There’s A New Freelance Permit You Should Know About |

UAE Freelancers: There’s A New Freelance Permit You Should Know About

It’ll help you find better freelancer work in the UAE

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22 November 2018

Last updated on 22 November 2018

Not everyone wants to work full-time in the UAE

And having a freelancing permit allows residents in the UAE to work part-time while juggling their lives simultaneously.

Some people find comfort in freelancing as it gives them the work flexibility they desire.

Announced on Wednesday by Dubai Internet City, this freelance permit targets freelancers in the technology sectors.

This new freelancing permit, which is priced at AED7,500 a year, will help those specialised freelancers find freelancing work, increase income sources and help the district find new talent.

Earlier in 2018

Just a few months back, other districts in the UAE – including Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Park – also released a freelancing permit that is priced at AED7,500 per year.

It was targeting technology professionals, software developers, IT networking, analytics and much more.

Freelancers in the UAE

Almost 100,000 licensed freelancers currently work in the UAE who are paid on a short-term contract and more companies are looking to hire freelancers for the sake of flexible work schedules.

Freelancing contracts help companies increase productivity levels and cut operational costs.

More job opportunities in 2019

A recent market study by Mercer, a global consultancy firm, has shown that salaries in the UAE are expected to increase by 4.8% in 2019 – and more in the markets of life sciences, consumer good and high-tech industries.

Previously, the market of the energy industry showed the highest peak in pay during the past couple of years and hasn’t experienced a decline from 4%, which is still above the market average.

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Other analysts are predicting the oil and gas, engineering and manufacturing markets to attract the largest salary hikes of 3% and above in 2019.

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