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What To and What Not To Wear To Work

We all know that when our outfits are on point, we look and feel fabulous.

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7 April 2016

Last updated on 1 August 2017
What To and What Not To Wear To Work
Dressing well is a real confidence booster for us girls, that’s why it’s important to dress for success at work, in order to make a lasting impression on our co-workers and managers.

First, it’s important to understand the industry that you work for and its standards.

For women, a suit or blazer and skirt ensemble, is not normally required in most jobs, but that doesn't mean that we can't go into work looking ready to take on the world, does it? 

Though the dress code has changed in most industries to a more leniant clothing requirement at the office, it is still important to understand your profession and the fashion requirements that you should always uphold at work. 

You wouldn’t wear a full face of makeup as a doctor, in the same sense that you wouldn’t wear jeans and a t-shirt as a lawyer.

However, some industries are laid back and give their staff the freedom to dress as they wish, within some limitations of course.

To be safe, dress according to your industry, and if your company has a dress code, follow it, otherwise, just follow the basic, universal and unspoken rules of the work dresscode. 

The Basics

Dressing sexy is for the club
Inappropriate clothing is distracting and can lead to numerous, judgmental inaccuracies about you as an individual.

Keep away from plunging necklines, above the knee dresses and skirts and sheer shirts that expose your bra.

Remember, you want to be recognized for your brain not for your sex appeal.

Pantyhose are the ‘it’ clothing item these days.

Not only does it make you look put together, it also helps complete your look, while giving you a nice, toned and bronzed finish to your smashingly gorgeous legs!

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Let’s face it, feet aren’t that pretty if they aren’t covered in some pretty polish.

Make sure that your feet are groomed if you plan on wearing sandals or open toed shoes.

Nothing is more unappealing at work than having to see untamed feet.

Jewelry is meant to complete your look.

Make sure that you don’t go overboard with the accessories, in order keep a professional look in the office.

Additional to this, it’s important that your jewelry doesn’t make any noises that would often be seen as distracting or inconsiderate to your colleagues. 

Don’t be sloppy
If your clothes don’t fit, it will leave a lasting impression that you don’t want it to give.

Although this goes without saying, we can’t express it enough, make sure that your clothes feel and fit comfortably on your body.

Remember, what you wear says a lot about you.

Make sure your glasses fit nicely on your face.

Eye glasses that are too big can often slide down your nose and can be distracting for your workers and colleagues.

Besides, do you really want to be that girl with the big glasses? You could be the subject of some major ridicule!

Dry your hair
Coming to work with wet hair doesn’t always leave a good taste in your employer’s mouth.

It shows that you lack time management and that your life isn’t put together, this can be a major deal breaker at work, so make sure that your hair is dry, neat and tidy when you come into the office.  

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Your purse says a lot about you, and a messy purse says even more!

Especially if you are sporting a purse that doesn’t have zippers, as it invites any and every one to have a glimpse of what is inside your purse!

Make sure that your shoes are nice and clean.

Shoes are one of the first thing some people notice, so if your shoes are dirty or slightly ripped, opt for a different, well-kept pair of shoes that speaks about your chic persona instead.

If you have a watch, wear it!

One of the most popular and attractive accessory that you can sport is a watch, and it is without a doubt the first piece of jewelry that your employer will notice.

Colours can tell a lot about an individual’s character.

Rich dark colours often portray authority, while bright colours portray a fun, outgoing character.

Depending on the work environment that you are in, you may be able to pull off a bright coloured number, otherwise, we advise you to avoid the flashy bright colours and stick to more subtle darker tones.