You Can Now Start Businesses Remotely in Dubai |

You Can Now Start Businesses Remotely in Dubai

Dubai just became the first city in the world to let investors start a business in the emirate while abroad

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3 October 2018

Last updated on 17 December 2018
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Dubai just changed the game when it announced a new option for remote investors, which will definitely ease their business in the country.

It does it once again, Dubai just broke another first by becoming the world’s first city to allow remote investors to start and run businesses from abroad.

This is good news if you’re an investor based anywhere in the world because you can now be eligible to start your business in Dubai without the need to be in the UAE.

This fantastic business opportunity came following an agreement between Dubai Investment Development Agency and the Department of Economic Development in Dubai.

Who can invest in Dubai from abroad?

The partnership between these two bodies will allow investors to utilize a network of 650 business centres across 85 cities in 45 different countries to start a business in Dubai.

International companies can now have the opportunity to bring their businesses to Dubai and sustain an economic future in the emirate – it aims to remove all challenges and complications that they might face when expanding to Dubai.

Dubai’s newly agreed upon network of approved business centres will particular allow countries in the Gulf, including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait to easily invest in the emirate.

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This aims to help the close relationship between these countries and bring importance to the regional co-operation to boost public-private partnership and economic development.

And these amazing efforts come with the city’s continuous efforts to bring sustainable global investments from abroad.

It’s also in line with the Dubai Plan 2021, which aims to attract attractive investments and promote the emirate as a desirable and competitive destination for future businesses.