The 100 Dirham Note Has Been Improved For Security Reasons |

The 100 Dirham Note Has Been Improved For Security Reasons

And here’s what you need to know about the new 100 dirham note

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29 October 2018

Last updated on 29 October 2018
UAE money

To help improve the security features on the UAE money notes, the 100 dirham note has undergone a restyling

The Central Bank of the UAE has announced a restyling to the 100 Dirham note to improve the money’s security feature.

It will include enhanced security elements that are designed to fight any possibility of counterfeiting and fraud in and outside of the UAE.

The newly improved bank notes will start circulation in the UAE starting from Tuesday, October 30.

Here are the changes you might notice:

  • 1. A color changing hologram
  • This new feature will change part of the 100 Dirham note from green to blue when tilted

  • 2. The note’s value will appear in the bottom left corner
  • 3. A more sophisticated security thread
  • The already existing security thread has been improved – it usually reflects light and runs vertically down the banknote – and will also change colours from green to blue.

  • 4. Removal of the denomination value
  • The denomination value from the bottom right-hand corner has been removed.

  • 5. Removal of silver foil design from top right corner

Background on the 100 dirham note

The design of the 100 dirham note has changed since the introduction of paper notes in 1973, however, one side continuous to feature Dubai’s oldest building – the Al Fahidi Fort.

Other banknotes show images of the World Trade Centre, which is Dubai’s first tower.