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5 Ways to Use Credit Card Rewards to Your Advantage

We take a look at five ways you can maximise your Dubai credit card rewards to your advantage.

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1 November 2020

Last updated on 22 February 2021

Unsure which credit card to apply for? Accumulated a fair amount of reward points? Read this first...

To stand out from the majority of credit cards in the UAE, many providers offer tons of reward programmes, offers and deals. Reward programmes work by allowing the credit card user to stock up on points which can then be exchanged for a variety of attractive goods and services, such as gifts, cashback and air miles.

These benefits vary by bank and credit card, so it's important to select a card with a reward programme that matches your lifestyle, goals and financial capacity. But with so many cards and programmes available in the UAE, how can you best maximise the rewards from your points?

With a little planning, you can reap credit card rewards points to your advantage. Here are five tips on how!

Receive cashback

One of the most popular uses for credit card reward points is to redeem the points for cash.

Using a credit card with a cashback feature for all your purchases can help you maximise the amount of rewards you earn, such as cashback, air miles, and other reward points.

Redeem points on vouchers

Many credit cards offered in the UAE provide vouchers as one way to redeem reward points.

Credit card vouchers are a fantastic way to save your dirhams at the stores and online shops the bank may be associated with.

Benefit from air miles

If you're a frequent traveller or you've got a vacation on the horizon, consider a credit card that offers air miles as a reward for your purchases, such as an Emirates Citibank Ultima or Ultimate credit card.

These credit card options convert the reward miles from your everyday spends into seat upgrades, travel discounts and flight tickets.

Browse the catalogue

Don't miss out on all the goodies you can purchase with your accumulated reward points! Various banks in the UAE usually provide such a catalogue to their customers showing a selection products and services you can exchange your points for.

These typically include clothing, accessories, perfume, travel merchandise, movie tickets, salon and spa packages, and much more.

Other rewards

Credit card reward points can be also be redeemed for a variety of other local purchases such as spending on fuel, availing specialised services, entertainment, discounts on shopping and vacation packages, etc.

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