Five Things You Could Buy Instead Of The iPhone XS |

Five Things You Could Buy Instead Of The iPhone XS

For those who are saving up for the new iPhone XS, here’s what else you can actually buy with that money…

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19 September 2018

Last updated on 19 September 2018
New iPhone XS Dubai

September 12 became a signature date for people around the world. Not only was the iPhone XS released on that day, but it was also when most Apple users realised they might not be able to afford it.

With a release date of September 21, users are already placing orders for their new iPhones that will take one to two weeks of delivery.

Others, however, are already calculating different ways to afford their new iPhone XS and have gone to extreme measures – digging into their savings, cashing their salaries in, auctioning items off or just taking out money loads.

And it’s no wonder that the new iPhone XS is driving people crazy, it includes the following features: super retina screens, faster Face ID, powerful chips, better dual-camera systems, 4K video mode and more options.

How much is the new iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS (5.8-display inch) retails from AED4,200 while the iPhone XS Max retails from AED4,700 (6.5-display inch). But, the iPhone Max Gold can reach up to AED6,200.

And the people around the world just CAN'T believe it.

So here are 5 things you can do and buy instead of paying a hefty amount for the new iPhone XS

4,200 ice creams

If you’ve ever wanted to treat yourself and pay literally nothing – a Mcdonald’s ice cream was a way to go.

Their 1 Dhs creamy ice cream swirl is more than enough to satisfy your sweet tooth – and with the price of the new iPhone XS you can literally buy 4,200 worth of Mcdonald’s ice creams good for the ENTIRE year.

Everyone in your life can be treated to an ice cream 4x a day!

84 cinema tickets

Movie buffs listen up, that same amount can get you 84 cinema tickets to watch as many movies as your heart desires.

If you love going to the movies with your loved ones and ordering tons of your favourite snacks – now you can imagine watching your favourite movies 84 times over.

280 falafel sandwiches

A Middle Eastern staple dish is a falafel sandwich – the crispy goodness of the falafel balls made with a creamy and delicious sandwich is everybody’s go-to Arabic sandwich.

And for 4,200 Dhs you can feed yourself a falafel sandwich every day for the next 280 days.

210 cups of coffee

With coffee being such a diverse drink, there are so many different types and specialties around Dubai that you can afford to try 210 of them!

Latte coffee, matcha coffee, organic coffee, Arabic coffee and more to sustain you for the whole year – just don’t have more than one a day, otherwise you’ll bring on the jitters!

22 tickets to Ski Dubai

If you’re always looking to escape Dubai’s heat and admired those skiing in Ski Dubai, for that amount of money you can buy yourself 16 snow tickets worth 260 Dhs.

But if you think smart and buy your Ski Dubai tickets through Cobone, you can actually get a total of 22 tickets worth 189 Dhs!

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