How to Renew Your Residency Visa as a Dubai Property Owner |

How to Renew Your Residency Visa as a Dubai Property Owner

Do you already own property in Dubai? Here's a detailed guide on renewing your residency visa

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23 January 2020

Last updated on 9 February 2020
How to Renew Your Residency Visa as a Dubai Property Owner

A guide to renewing a residence visa for Dubai property owners

With attractive price tags and a wide range of properties available across the city, more and more expatriates and foreign investors are buying property in Dubai. To make it easier for new and potential property owners to navigate the Emirate's real estate market, UAE residency visas are available for those who possess their own property in the city.

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However, property owners can only opt for either the six-month multi-entry visa or a two-year residency visa - both of which will expire and will need to be renewed at some point, if you wish to continue your activities as a Dubai property owner.

Here's a step by step guide on how we renewed a resident visa as a property owner in Dubai, the process of which can be completed in just a few days.

Documents required

  • Valid passport and Emirates ID
  • Medical insurance

Visit the Land Department Dubai

All stages of renewing a residency visa took place on the third floor of the Department of Land and Property in Dubai in Deira.

The Cube (turn left out of the lift)

  • Go to the central reception desk and speak with a receptionist.
  • Provide your passport, complete a simple identification form, and give a copy of your trade license.
  • You will be asked if you have done your medical exam and have your insurance.
  • You will be directed to the cash counter for payment.

Cash Counter

  • The cashier will take the copy of the trade license and write the amount to be paid on it.
  • They will ask if you've done a "blood test" – the use of “blood test” and “medical” mean the same thing.
  • If you haven't, they might suggest for you to return on the next weekday as it could be done at the Land Department Dubai. You can pay then.
  • The cashier may also say that the renewal would be for three years.

Pay the residency visa renewal fees

Provided that you have your documents, medical exam, and insurance, you may proceed to the cash counter for payment.

Once there, the cashier will take a copy of your trade license.

You might pay around AED AED9982.50 and receive a receipt with the following details:

  • Value Added Taxes - AED 40
  • Application Fees - AED 1200
  • Issuing Commercial Licence - AED 6000
  • Emirates ID - AED 340
  • Medical Test - AED 700
  • Service Fees - AED 800
  • Knowledge Fees - AED 40
  • Innovation Fees - AED 40
  • Visa Stamping - AED 822.50
How to renew residency visa as a property owner

Another AED 723 would have to be paid to the CBD (Commercial Bank of Dubai) desk at the opposite side of the room.

At the CBD desk, you must...

  • Hand over your documents.
  • Pay AED 723 in cash. Paying by card will incur a 2% fee.
  • Receive your receipts detailing the cost of investor partner card renewal fees (AED 200), administrative (AED 40), and Bank VAT.

Submit your documents for the new residency visa

You will then head to Counter 3 or 4 to hand in:

  • Your passport
  • Emirates ID

You will be given the following papers:

  • Form for medical exam (if you have not done it yet)
  • EID registration form - the Emirates ID office will contact you after a week

At the outer reception, you must:

  • Hand over your passport (and medical exam form) to the receptionist
  • Do your blood test in one of the outer medical rooms (if you have not done it yet). Blood testing is only available on Sundays and Wednesdays

You will receive an SMS in a few hours after the blood test to advise that the results were available.

Then, head to Typing (Counter 3) where the typist will take all the papers, receipts, and your passport. You will be told that you would have the visa for collection the following day.

Receive your renewed residency visa

Return to the Land Department Dubai the next day to receive your renewed UAE residency visa.

  • The typist will return your passport and EID application form.
  • At the immigration desk, you will give the passport and EID application form, of which he or she will print out your new visa and stick in on your passport.
  • Return to the typist who will ask for my passport.
  • He or she will scan your new visa, give you all the receipts, and your new trade licence.

Article written by Barry Ashworth.