Investment Trends in 2022 for Women in the UAE |

Investment Trends in 2022 for Women in the UAE

We cover some top investment trends in the UAE we recommend ladies pay attention to in 2022 (and beyond)

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15 June 2022

Last updated on 7 July 2022
2022 Investment Trends for Women in the UAE

Women make prudent choices when it comes to investing.

They are patient and do extensive due diligence before embarking on the investment market. Irrespective of the invested amount, studies show that investments by women consistently outperform those by men.

The UAE too has seen a 200% growth in new female investors. Last year, it was reported that 12 percent of active investors in trading and investment platforms were women. As the earning power of women increases, most look at investments as a way to better their future.

Let’s look at some of the latest trends in investments for women in the UAE.

Adding National Bonds to Your Portfolio

National Bonds in the UAE is the best and easiest way to start building your savings portfolio. Studies show that 32 percent of women in the region are investing for retirement purposes, while another 19 percent are investing to buy a home. Women also believe investing is a great way to gain the initial finance needed to start a business.

Investing in National Bonds gives you market-competitive return on investments (ROI). The most alluring aspect is the “no minimum balance” requirement. The initial contribution starts as low as AED 100, making it affordable for everyone.

Your savings bonds also make you eligible to win 423,408 prizes yearly which include:

  • A whopping 35 million dirhams is up for grabs. Every three months, 2 bondholders win 1 million dirhams.
  • Win 12 Tesla cars annually
  • Four Nissan Patrol cars every year
  • 384 bondholders win AED 5000
  • Another 3000 savers get AED 500
  • While 420,000 winners win AED 50

The lure of National Bonds is that you gain access to exclusive prizes. In each draw, Emirati and expat women have dedicated prizes to win. You can enroll in programs like “my Plan” that help you save a fixed amount on a regular basis, giving you more winning chances.

Additionally, for some products, the profit rate can be as high as 11% per annum, making National Bonds the best platform for women to start investing.

Become Airbnb Landlords

Top Investment Trends to Track in the UAE for 2022

Airbnb reports a 63 percent year-on-year growth in UAE visitors. This translates to some 145,000 guests that Airbnb landlords welcomed. Statistics by the Department of Land and Property in Dubai (DLD) show another interesting trend. About 17,705 women registered properties worth over AED 38.4 billion last year with the DLD, that’s a 72 percent increase from 2020.

Women who invest in real estate look at properties from a long-term perspective. Airbnb offers a fantastic opportunity to pay off mortgages on the properties with rentals. Dubai is ranked the 5th most expensive city in the world for rentals on Airbnb. The average cost per night stands at USD 185.

Investing in Metaverse Technology

In a recent speech, Tyra Banks, the American supermodel turned businesswoman urges women in the UAE to take more risks and learn about the latest technologies like blockchain and the cryptocurrency world. One emerging area that UAE investors are eying is the metaverse, a virtual reality that provides real-world experiences.

The Dubai Metaverse Strategy introduced by Sheikh Mohammed recently aims to increase the Emirate’s economy to $4 billion by 2030. Companies have already started gearing towards the enhanced technology needed to create metaverses. Yet, lack of funding often hampers startups that want to join the rat race.

Women are fast emerging as the face of the metaverses. By understanding the blockchain and Web 3.0 technology, women are revolutionizing the meta-world. In the UAE, women can get a leg-up in the virtual world by providing seed funding or becoming angel investors.


Investment opportunities for women in the UAE are extensive. You can start with the National Bonds, building your funds before venturing into other opportunities.

Meanwhile, you go to seminars and events and join courses to learn more about blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the meta-world. Platforms like WOMENA and WAIN are great as they help connect women with entrepreneurs and startups.