Money Management in Ramadan: Tips for Successful Spending |

Money Management in Ramadan: Tips for Successful Spending

We look at eight smart money management tips for the holy month of Ramadan

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22 March 2023

Last updated on 23 March 2023
Money Management in Ramadan: Tips for Successful Spending

Smart saving during Ramadan is possible. How? Good question. We've got eight answers for you right here.

Ramadan is the most anticipated month in the UAE and the Islamic calendar for Muslims. The spiritual ritual of abstaining from food and drink is accompanied by charitable activities, good deeds, and self-reflection. Expenses however do balloon during this time making money management a challenge.

The focus of this article is on smart ways for an economical Ramadan so that you continue practicing your faith without financial worries.

Set a Budget

Create a Ramadan budget as it goes a long way toward Ramadan financial planning.

Make a list of all the expected expenses like groceries, charitable contributions, transportation costs, and so on. Be completely realistic and keep the goals achievable.

Bank Wisely

Your Ramadan money management plan should include using banks that offer the most discounts on purchases. Whether you buy using the banking app or through an online site, every spent money should give you something in return in way of points or cashback.

Take the First Abu Dhabi Bank as an example whose 1.5% interest rate Low-Rate Credit Card is one of the best cards in the market for exclusive savings on all your spending.

Shop Smart

Buying in bulk is one of the smartest Ramadan shopping tips. Most hypermarkets and convenience stores around the UAE have Ramadan sales on selected food products, décor products, and household goods which you can bulk buy. Carrefour, for example, also offers a bulk buying facility through its website.

Limit Eating Out

You can have an unbelievable gastronomical experience with UAE restaurants serving up cuisines from all over the world. While this could blow your budget, eating out in moderation and using sites like Cobone, and checking the local newspapers for Ramadan discounts for your smart spending during Ramadan plan.

Free Delivery

Another way to cut costs is to look for Ramadan deals that offer free delivery. Whether you are ordering takeout or getting groceries delivered, there are plenty of sites that offer free delivery on selected items or based on the total billing. Noon, for example, offers a free delivery option for selected items in different categories.

Zakat Apps

Zakat during Ramadan is one of the obligatory pillars of Islam where you need to make a compulsory donation based on certain calculations. Lots of sites in the UAE make it easy by offering a Zakat calculator along with a simple interface to pay zakat via bank transfers, SMS donations, or even charitable kiosks.

Paying Sadaqah

Sadaqah during Ramadan isn’t a compulsory rite. Most Muslims however do increase their charitable giving during Ramadan as it is considered a good deed.

One of the best sites is the Emirates Red Crescent where you find a selection of programs that need your contribution. Most of the set donations are very low, making it easy for even those on a tight budget to do charity.

Eco-friendly Ramadan deals

During the holy month of Ramadan, why not make a conscious decision when it comes to consumption and purchasing habits? Seek out sustainable and eco-friendly Ramadan deals on items like reusable shopping bags, biodegradable utensils, and eco-friendly cleaning products.

For example, instead of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles, consider investing in reusable water bottles to reduce waste.