VAT in the UAE: What Your Receipt Should Look Like |

VAT in the UAE: What Your Receipt Should Look Like

Make sure you take a good look at your receipt next time you’re out

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14 January 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
by Rebecca Roberts
VAT receipt in UAE example

To help citizens, residents and visitors to Dubai and the UAE to understand exactly what and how much VAT they should be paying while out dining, or shopping, the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority (FTA) have released an example of a receipt from a business registered for VAT in the UAE.

Individuals are being urged to review tax invoices and receipts to ensure they are not being tricked into paying more than they should – and to double check that the business isn’t charging VAT if they’re not registered.

The FTA has said that four items on a receipt should be clearly marked:

1. Tax receipt displayed

2. Tax registration number (TRN) displayed

3. Price that includes VAT

4. Amount of VAT added

VAT receipt in UAE example

Image credit: Twitter/@uaetax

It’s important to point out that receipts should display the ‘total sum beforeplus VAT- this is incorrect, and illegal behaviour on the businesses part.

There has already been cases of companies and complaints by customers where they have charged VAT within the item’s price, and then added an additional 5% for VAT at the end of the bill.