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3 Things Your Home Insurance Can Also Cover

Did you know? Home insurance policies can cover much more than building, contents and personal belongings

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21 January 2020

Last updated on 23 January 2020
Here Are 3 Things Your Home Insurance Can Also Cover

All home insurance policies cover the basics: building, contents and personal belongings.

Most, if not all, people understand the three main areas of home insurance. First, the building - which is the permanent structure of your home. Next is contents, which cover the household items within your home, and in third place, there's personal belongings coverage that typically covers personal items you carry with you frequently and outside your home.

In addition to the above, however, some insurance providers offer policies that can also cover additional things that may suit or benefit your needs.

Here are three additional types of coverage that your home insurance policy may include or you can opt to add-on.

1. Loss of Rent or Alternate Accommodation

Particularly useful for landlords, this coverage helps to protect individuals who rent out their property. As a landlord, you are covered in case of any damages to the property and also for loss of rent as a result of not being able to take a tenant due to the damage.

2. Sale of Home

Unbeknownst to many, but if you're selling your property, your home insurance can protect the buyer until the sale is completed.

How does that work? If you're selling your home, the individual who purchased it would be covered under the existing home insurance in case of any damage during the process of the sale (including paperworks) until completion of the sale.

3. Contents in Transit

Moving home soon? Moving abroad? Occupants with contents coverage under home insurance have the additional cover in case of any accidental damage to their contents during the moving of houses or apartments. The main condition is that the move would have to be handled by a professional mover.

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