Do's and Don'ts When Claiming Car Insurance in the UAE |

Car Insurance Claims in the UAE: What You Should and Shouldn't Do

To help you make your car insurance claim in the UAE a simpler and faster process, these are the do's and don'ts you should keep in mind

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23 January 2020

Last updated on 23 January 2020
Do's and Don't For Your Car Insurance Claim in UAE

A little planning and adherence to a few things you should and shouldn't do can help you get the best outcome from your insurer

A car insurance policy financially covers the owner in case of a mishap on the road while in the UAE. Be it a crash, accident, natural disaster, theft, or other problems related to your insured vehicle, an insurer will honour a genuine claim as per what is agreed in the policy.

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However, it can be distressing if the car insurance claim gets rejected by the insurance provider. After all, the payback will require more than just filling in a form and sending it to the company. You will need to follow a series of predetermined do's and don'ts from the moment you encounter the problem up until you receive your payout.

In order to maximise your chances for a hassle-free claim settlement process, here are some do's and don'ts you should follow when filing a car insurance claim in the UAE.

What you should do when filing a car insurance claim in the UAE

These are the do's when starting a car insurance claim in the UAE:

1. Contact the police.

When you first encounter the problem that happened to your car, whether it is an accident, theft, natural damages (water, lightning), etc., call your local police. The first information report allows the authorities to have a clear picture of the situation, which can help support your car insurance claim.

2. Take photos.

Take photos of everything related to the problem, such as where the damages are on your vehicle, what injuries you received, a photo of the whole accident scene, the license plate of the other vehicle, what your car is missing, etc.

Beforehand, it's advisable to have pictures of your car, from interior to exterior, in a file so you can show how the vehicle looked before and after the incident.

Do's and Don'ts for car insurance claims in UAE

3. Note down names and numbers

If you experienced a traffic accident, take note of their names, contact details, and vehicle license plate. If there are any witnesses on the scene, try to record their names and contact details as well if you ever need to support your claim.

4. Get in touch with your insurer

Get in touch with your car insurance provider within the first few days of the accident to better understand the car insurance claim process they follow. Some insurers will need car accidents reported within seven days, whereas others have a much shorter window at 48 hours. So it's best to inform the insurance company immediately.

Provide them with all the necessary information, including what happened, what are the damages to the car, when did it happen, who was involved, where did it take place, when did it occur, and how many vehicles are involved in the accident.

5. Read the insurance policy carefully

When you can, be sure to thoroughly read your car insurance policy containing the inclusions and exclusions. Specific to your case, go through the policy document to find out the formalities of an insurance claim as well as its terms and conditions.

Read your car insurance policy thoroughly

6. Be honest with your insurer

When bringing the case to your insurance provider, be very honest about what happened. Avoid changing the story in an attempt to make your claim stronger, hiding relevant information, and delays.

7. Keep all of your receipts

All receipts from any vehicle-related expenses, from the time of the incident up until the payoff, must be saved. This includes hiring a tow truck, buying a new tyre, etc.

8. Save case documents

To support your claim and avoid any problems that may arise should a dispute happen, keep a copy of any police case records of the incident.

What you shouldn't do when filing a car insurance claim in the UAE

These are the don't when starting a car insurance claim in the UAE:

1. Don't escape the scene of the accident

Moving yourself and the vehicle away from the accident spot may delay the claim process, result in it getting rejected, and you could even face legal trouble - more so if the problem was your fault. It may be tempting to try and flee the scene, especially when you assume the damage is minor.

2. Don't get angry or emotional

It can be very easy to lose control over your emotions after being in a car accident or if your vehicle was robbed. Getting angry and emotional can lead to accusations, confessions, arguments, and often, aggressive behaviour that can land you in hot water when the police are involved.

Don't get angry or emotional after a car accident in the UAE

Try your best to remain calm so you are able to provide factual, accurate information to the authorities and your insurer with clarity.

3. Don't negotiate with the parties involved

Avoid trying to strike a deal with the other drivers involved in the accident. Instead, take note of their names, numbers, and car plates.

4. Don't rush into a settlement or waver

Avoid hastily signing the first settlement papers you receive. Be sure to review the car insurance policy, get an estimated value from an expert, as well as legal advice.