Tips on How to Save Dirhams When Selecting an Insurance Plan |

Tips on How to Save Dirhams When Selecting an Insurance Plan

Make sure you don’t ever pay more than you need to on your Dubai insurance plans with these expert tips.

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4 May 2020

Last updated on 4 May 2020
Tips on How to Save Dirhams When Selecting an Insurance Plan

Six expert tips to secure your Dubai insurance and keep it affordable.

Having a Dubai insurance policy in place to safeguard what’s important to you, from your health to your dependents and valuables, is a must. But there’s no question that for many, it feels like an expensive nuisance and adds to your general spendings.

Living a healthy and secure life is the most expensive luxury here in Dubai. So, how can you save your Dirhams without sacrificing the quality of your insurance plan?

We had policy experts at ExpatInsure round up their six top tips to saving money on your Dubai insurance.

1. Comparison shopping for insurance plans

Explore various plans to pick the best fit for your needs. Shop around and have a look at quotes offered by multiple insurance providers in Dubai.

2. Analyse and structure your requirement

Ensure that at least your basics are covered in your expenses. Revisit your current needs in an insurance policy, as an insurance plan you may have purchased five or ten years ago may not have the coverage you really need right now.

3. Save for insurance upgrades

Not only would savings help you land a good insurance plan in Dubai, but having an additional source of income can fund you in need of an upgrade at the right time.

4. Seek guidance from reputed insurance brokers and gather confidence before investing.

When exploring your insurance quotes in Dubai, or if you’re renewing a plan, ask reputed insurance brokers about special discounts that you might qualify for.

5. Request for multiple insurer options from your broker.

Dubai has an abundance of insurance providers. Try to explore insurers with higher ratings. While a low-cost premium from a shaky-rated insurance company might be appealing when making a quick decision, it likely is not a good buy in the long-run.

6. Don’t shy from excess

It’s also recommended to request for a quote with a slightly higher excess as this may help keep your premiums down.

While it helps to cut Dirhams when choosing an insurance policy, there is only so much we can do to try and narrow down our options. For expert help in securing the best Dubai insurance plan that suits your needs and budget, contact ExpatInsure below. A professional will be just one tap away.