You Must Always Travel With These 15 Things |

You Must Always Travel With These 15 Things

Whether you're visiting Switzerland, Sydney or New York City - these are the items you must take with you

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17 February 2020

Last updated on 10 September 2020

Is it time for a trip? Whether you're leaving the UAE for short trip to Jordan, or a long-haul flight to the States, here's what you need...

While your suitcase might be picked with different things depending on your destination, there are certain things that you must always have and/or carry with you while travelling.

To help you plan and prepare for any upcoming trip, whether short or long haul, here's a guide to the 15 things you must take on a flight with you.

15. Passport and visa

Let’s just get this out of the way first, make sure the obvious things are packed. Don’t forget to research the visa requirements well in advance, as visa processing for some countries can take an infuriatingly long time.

14. Charger(s)

Your iPod is a brilliant thing to have whilst you’re on a bus or lounging by the pool. But there’s nothing as infuriating as it cutting out half way through your favourite song! Your phone battery will also not last as long because it will be consistently roaming, so don’t forget the charger for that either.

13. Credit card yes, but telephone number of the credit card fraud squad too

Obviously taking the plastic on holiday is a must. Enjoy now, pay later. But make sure you have somewhere else in your wallet (or stored on your phone) your bank’s number so you can stop your card in case it’s lost or stolen.

12. Pills, medication etc.

our stomach might well not agree with the local cuisine, so make sure you have some sort of remedy for this. Paracetamol or aspirin might well come in handy too. Ladies, don’t forget your contraceptive pill.

11. Driving licence

This is a useful form of identification, so you don’t have to take your passport out. But it will also be useful if you want to rent a car whilst you’re away. Have a look at rental companies beforehand (cheaper to book in advance) and don’t forget to take the booking reference with you.

10. Hand sanitiser, face masks, and disposable wipes

Mandatory to all due to the Covid-19 outbreak; you’ll never be sure what you’re touching or what you’ve touched, and contracting the virus can quickly ruin your health and travel plans. Pick up a small bottle of hand sanitiser from any kind of supermarket before you go and put it in your main luggage, it won’t be expensive.

Be sure to change your face mask every couple of hours of use.

We also recommend opting for a face shield as well.

9. Camera (and batteries, memory cars)

Whether because you don’t have a very good memory for places you’ve travelled, or because you want to show off to friends back home. Don’t forget a spare memory card as there might well be hundreds of moments to capture which take your breath away!

8. Toothbrush and toothpaste

Basic hygiene, really. Nobody likes bad breath or dirty teeth, but a shiny smile can go a long way.

7. That book you've been meaning to read

Most people probably have a book sitting at home that’s always looked interesting enough, but they’ve never really had the time to read it. And hey, if it’s not great, leave it in the hotel to make someone else’s holiday.

6. Deoderant

This can be surprisingly hard to buy in some parts of the world, so take one with you, especially if you’re going somewhere hot or doing something active.

5. Contact lense cleaner

This is up there with reading glasses. Not much is as frustrating as forgetting your contact lense cleaner.

4. Swimming costume

Because there’s bound to be a pool or spa, somewhere.

3. Information about where you're staying

Knowing exactly where your hotel is before you leave is very useful, especially at customs or the visa check. Whilst you’re staying there, take a business card or two with you in case you get lost, or left with a taxi driver who doesn’t speak your language.

2. Plenty of room

The likelihood is you’ll come back with more than you left with. So don’t be beaten by weight restrictions, plan ahead.

1. Travel insurance

Of course, the sensible person will also have bought travel insurance organised by ExpatInsure, so that they can just get in touch if anything happens.

For more information about travel insurance and available policies, head to ExpatInsure here to contact an expert.