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“Contour” Your Fears: The Perfect Result Without a Contour Kit

Don't burn a hole in your pocket buying special kits when you can find most items in your trusted make up bag!

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20 August 2015

Last updated on 1 October 2019
“Contour” Your Fears: The Perfect Result Without a Contour Kit
Contour kits, step aside! We're going back to basics and sticking to normal products which produce the same effect! The “in-trend” face contouring is what everybody seems to be wearing on a night-out or to a meeting to pull off the clean flawless look. Inspired by Kim K, we've decided to tell you how you can contour those lines with 4 simple make up products. You can order these online with just a simple click, and get the perfect look.

Face contouring tips

Start by highlighting.

Step 1:
Use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to highlight the area under your eyes and to brighten it. Apply it evenly as can be seen in the photo but do not use too much as it might stand out. Also, apply a dab under each eyebrow like demonstrated in the picture.

Step 2:

Use the same color but highlight your forehead as can be seen in the picture. Remember to highlight the areas you want attention on and contour the parts you want to hide. Use the same brush and highlight the area that is right down the center of your nose. Last but not least, put a dab near your lips while pouting on both sides and a dab right underneath it where your chin sticks out.
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Continue by contouring with a darker colour.

Step 3:
Use a darker colour (1-2 shades darker) and color the patches above your forehead with a dotted thick line as you can see in the image. Also, contour the outsides of your nose, your cheekbones all the while sucking your lips in and finally, both sides of your chin.  Next, apply a dab right above the highlighter mark on your chin and underneath, draw a line at the bottom of your chin like you can see in the picture. Almost there! Now, draw 2 lines with the darker brush on either sides of the top of your neck and in opposite thickness (thin to thick). Do the same in the middle. Finally, apply the brush on your collarbones for a slim finish enabling you to finally wear that gorgeous low-neck dress you have in your closet!

Brush away with blush

Step 4:
Use your blush brush to apply some blush. Smile (think of something funny or fond) and apply the blush on the balls of your cheek as you smile.

Blend it like Beckham (Victoria not David)

Step 5:
Use a neutral brush or clean off the lighter one and blend, blend, blend away. Or even better, use a sponge and blend it all in softly and smoothly.

And Voila, you’ve got a contoured face, you diva! It’s time to put that dress on, grab a pair of heels and walk out the door feeling like a million bucks!