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4 Shampoo Types and Their Uses

Have you ever stood in the middle of a supermarket aisle staring blankly at the ocean of shampoo bottles in front of you?

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30 September 2015

Last updated on 1 October 2019
4 Shampoo Types and Their Uses
Bottles in different shapes and sizes, in every color of the rainbow and so much more. Flip the top up and release a blend of different fragrances. Fruity. Musky. Squeaky clean. Sensory overload. You run your fingers through your hair while the other hand reaches out to touch a bottle.

Retrieve the hand just to do it all over again on another bottle a few steps down the aisle. You’ve been standing in this aisle too long. You grab a bottle. The pink one. Because pink. And because you don’t have the slightest idea what each kind of shampoo does differently.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there and we definitely don’t want to do it all over again. Sit back and discover: what do they do and what’s right for you?
Shampoo. First things first. A shampoo’s generic job is to clean and condition your hair. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s meet the other shampoo sisters. 

Clarifying Shampoo

This type of shampoo is not for everyone to use on a daily basis. Although its main purpose is to clean the hair and scalp, clarifying shampoos provide a deeper clean than most and may end up stripping natural nutrients and minerals if used every day on normal hair.

It is recommended to use once or twice a week depending on the amount of styling products you use regularly. If your job entails heavy use of hair products, live in areas with hard water or a swimmer constantly soaking your hair in pool chemicals, you’d need to use clarifying shampoo more often. Look for one that does more than clean. 

Volumifique Shampoo

Some hair just seem to succumb to gravity more than others. If you have fine, thin hair, you know what this means. A volumifique shampoo will help add body to limp hair. A creamy volumifique shampoo will lift your hair from the roots to give it that oomph while locking in that salon shine. It should even work for long hair, giving it texture and long lasting shape.

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Moisturizing Shampoo

Some hair can get too dry you end up with flaky, itchy scalp. Dry hair can be a challenge to manage, too, and can appear frizzy. A moisturizing shampoo is your best bet for a shinier, more manageable mane. A concentrated moisturizing shampoo is a must. It’s a concentrated moisturizing shampoo that delivers a rich lather while gently cleaning and hydrating your hair. 

Treatment Shampoo

This shampoo is basically our hair’s knight in shining armor. We color, blow dry, straighten, even brush too harshly at times and our hair just gets beaten. A treatment shampoo provides tired, damaged hair its much needed TLC repairing hair inside out and is sulfate-free to prolong the life of your colored hair.