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5 Bizarre New Spa Treatments for 2017

We've picked five of the newest, most bizarre new spa treatments that are gaining popularity worldwide this year, find out more

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23 January 2017

Last updated on 1 October 2019
5 Bizarre New Spa Treatments for 2017

Forget traditional massages, facials and treatments... This year we'll see an array of quirky new spa rituals from all over the world that are gaining popularity in the industry, which all aim to offer serenity in a world of technology overload.

While many of the beliefs behind these new treatments may have popular in their origin country for quite some time, their unique relaxation and healing therapies are now the driving forces behind new treatments that are sweeping the world... Ready for any woman eager to try each out in her nearest salon or spa

And we're hoping some of these make their way to the city of Dubai so we can try them out, too! 

5 Bizarre New Spa Treatments for 2017

From personalising your treatment due to your blood type, to bathing in the treetops, here's five uniquely bizarre new treatments you'll see this 2017.

1. Silent Retreat

Thanks to Dubai's bustling city-life, it's rare we can find true peace and quiet, unless we head out into the desert. With traffic and construction sounds constantly providing a lovely dose of noise pollution, we've no doubt when we say we could all do with a little more silence in the Emirate. 

Which is what one spa in India has promised to provide spa-goers. At their resort, guests will have the chance to quieten their minds and let the worries of their days unravel while the relax in complete tranquility. And when we say silence, we mean. Silence. Days are spent without a pip or squeak being made, and there's a programme that involves meditation and yoga as well as a number of Balinese, Thai, Abhyanga, Swedish massages and aromatherapy to enjoy. 

The staff here take it so seriously that visitors who have taken the vow of silence must wear a 'silent bracelet' that ensures you receive no talk from fellow spa guests and staff. 

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2. Sound Baths

Whereas at a spa in Mexico, sacred shamanic instruments like gongs, crystals, Tibetan bowls, didgeridoos and Mayan shells are used to immerse spa goers in sound to help melt their stresses away. A far cry from the experience you'd receive in India, we dare say. But if you're keen to experience this type of spa, we're sure you'll enjoy the therapeutic sound vibration of the various different instruments used. 

This spa trend is sweeping the world, and resorts now exist in Johannesburg, Jamaica and Ibiza, and all follow the 'massage with instruments' concept. 

Bizarre 2017 spa trends

3. Forest Bathing

Before we start... We appreciate that there's a lack of forests here in the UAE. But we're sure if you didn't mind organising a spa getaway weekend, you'd be able to jet-set off somewhere with your squad to enjoy this fantastic new and quirky spa trend.

Of course, make sure you've combatted any fear of heights you may have before you attempt this resort, as we doubt it's for the faint-hearted. Inspired by the Japanese craze for 'shinrin-yoku', spas in the UK are embracing the celebration of serenity by taking in the surrounding forest atmosphere. 


It's said that becoming one with nature is believed to reduce your heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol levels... So while treatments among the treetops will de-stress you, they're also believed to provide huge health benefits, too. 

4. Vibrational Healing

Another new spa trend that's proving popular in the UK this year is the practice of having one's back whacked by a wooden hammer. Of course, it's a lot more eloquent (and relaxing) than that. Following an ancient Thai therapy, these treatments focus on (good) vibrations provided by a wooden hammer made from a Tamarind tree, which is used to tap the body's energy lines. 

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The vibrations are supposed to relieve your aches and pains, remove any energy blockages you may have, improve your circulation and ease any tension in your body. While we may sound skeptical at the thought of being hammered, these types of treatments have been passed from generation to generation of farming families in Thailand. 

Bizarre spa trends 2017

5. Blood Type Therapy

We've seen the concept of catering your lifestyle choice to your blood type in diet planning over the past couple of years, but applying the practice to your spa visit is a new idea that we're yet to try. 

In this treatment, spa-goers are offered a body mask and massage package that is believed to work in tandem with their blood type, and is personalised to provide the optimal (and most relaxing) results catered to that individual. Currently, there are four treatments developed according to four blood groups. For instance, anyone with blood type A would be offered a body scrub of oats, coffee beans and soy to stimulate their metabolism. Whereas on the other hand, individuals with blood type B would enjoy a treatment that focuses on exfoliation and rejuvenation from crystals and fruit enzymes. 


We're yet to see any of the above treatments in Dubai, as innovative as they are... But as soon as we do, we'll let you know. Because writing this has made us desperately crave a spa treatment of our own! 



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