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6 Resort Spa Trends for 2017 You Should Try

In need of a spa getaway? Here's six of the top trending spa resorts and retreats you should try for 2017.

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23 January 2017

Last updated on 1 October 2019
6 Resort Spa Trends for 2017 You Should Try

When it comes to spas in Dubai, we’re spoiled with the many treatments and options available to us. But while the occasional massage may be a temporary release for us, sometimes we need some serious downtime to allow for a full reset, mentally and physically.

So if you’re considering spending an entire weekend or few days protected in the relaxing boundaries of a spa, here’s some options you might want to consider when booking this year!

6 Resort Spa Trends for 2017 You Should Try

Stop smoking retreats

It says it on the tin; if you’re thinking about going cold turkey, heading to a specialised quit smoking retreat would be ideal for you. If you constantly find yourself reaching for the lighter when dealing with work life or daily stresses, going smoke-free at a stop-smoking facility would most definitely help you break any triggers.

Healthy mind and emotional healing

We’re living in a time where many of us are constantly comparing ourselves to what we see on the Internet and social media, which of course, isn’t healthy for anyone. So if you’re seeking a way to boost your self-confidence and also learn how to manage your stress, a mind and emotion spa treat is a great way to ensure your wellness. You can learn mindfulness, meditation, yoga and re-connect yourself to your mind, body and soul.

Full-body MOT

When your car needs a service, you take it for an MOT, right? So we can’t we apply the concept to ourselves. Invest money, time and loving attention into your own body at a full-body MOT intensive boot camp that are proving popular for 2017. You can enjoy fitness training, spa treatments, wellness activities and even diet plans that are all personalised for you.

resort spa trends for 2017

Eat-well detox

A lot of us are guilty of binging, then subjecting our bodies to a detox every so often. But what if you could retreat into a relaxing state, while giving 100% focus to your diet. While following healthy meals at home is a great thing, sometimes you need to treat your body to a full detox. At these types of spa, you’ll be able to refuel yourself with well-proportioned and nutritious meals that won’t leave you hungry or craving the bad stuff.


As with anything, there’s been a realisation that the younger generation are the newest spa-goers, and as a result more and more spa retreats are offering family-wellness packages for all ages to enjoy. Spas are no longer necessarily a ‘child-free’ zone, with options for mini spa treatments and packages that are specifically designed for your child. So now the whole family can enjoy being pampered from head to toe, while also engaging in some good quality, family bonding time. And in an age where technology is prevalent in our children’s lives, it’s a great opportunity to remove their attention from the iPad and to sports, activities and their wellness.

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Social group fitness

Perfect for any social butterfly, these types of fitness retreats are becoming more and more popular. Whether it’s with a group of friends, or you’re a solo traveller who doesn’t want to train alone, with all of you in the same boat, you’re on the right path to achieving your exercise and wellness goals. 


Struggling with where to start? Why not browse the spas and salons in Dubai to get you started, or browse deal sites like Cobone.com and grab yourself a bargain. Happy wallet, happy mind, happy life!