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6 Things Your Manicurist Wishes You Would Stop Doing Immediately

A survey of nail professionals reveals their clients’ worst mani mistakes.

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7 August 2019

Last updated on 1 October 2019
6 Things Your Manicurist Wishes You Would Stop Doing Immediately

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Do you ever get the feeling your manicurist is mad at you? If you’ve experienced some passive-aggressive tutting or side-eye glances of late, you may have committed one of the six deadly nail sins.

The big six were identified in the Insider Survey from Professional Beauty, which polled nail technicians to find out their biggest pet peeves – and includes some very common bad habits.

Want to stay in your salon’s good books? Here are the things your need to stop doing ASAP…

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6. Applying hand cream just before an appointment

In order to file, trim and tend to your nails, your manicurist needs to be able to hold on to your fingers one at a time.

You make think you’re being considerate by slathering on moisturiser before you head to the salon, but the slippy surface actually makes the job a lot harder.

So skip the hand cream – it will be applied at the end of your manicure anyway.

5. Going for a manicure when you’re ill

Having your nails done involves getting pretty close to your manicurist, so if you’re coughing, sneezing and spluttering you’re putting them at risk of catching your lurgy.

Do the decent thing and reschedule your appointment for when you’re less contagious.

4. Cutting your cuticles

There’s a reason manicurists take time to soften your cuticles with oil and push them back before gently cutting them with a sterilised trimmer – one false move and you’ll end up with a bloody nick that could easily become infected.

This tricky task should be left to a professional – do not try it at home.

3. Biting your nails

Do we really have to remind you of something your mum’s be telling you since you were a child?

Biting your nails leaves them looking ragged and unhealthy and makes it harder for a nail tech to do their job.

2. Not wearing rubber gloves for housework

Everyone wants a long-lasting manicure, but how do you expect to avoid chipped polish and broken nails if you don’t use rubber gloves for cleaning and other jobs around the house?

So pop on a pair of Marigolds whenever you’ve got chores to do. Your pristine paint job – and your manicurist – will thank you.

1. Picking off your gel manicure

Taking the top spot is this polish pet peeve, with 55% of nail pros surveyed saying they wish their clients wouldn’t pick off their gel nail polish.

Why is it such a problem? Because when the polish is cured under the UV light it bonds with the keratin in your nails (a type of protein) so when you peel it off you’re weakening your nails.

It’s much better to have the polish properly removed in the salon (removal shouldn’t cost much more than £5/AED22) or soak it off at home using acetone, cotton wool and kitchen foil.

Don’t feel bad if you’re a serial peeler, though – even Victoria Beckham admitted last year that she picks off her polish during board meetings.