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7 Spa Treatments You Must Try in Dubai

There's no denying there's plenty of opportunity to relax in Dubai, but there's nothing that beats the atmosphere of a spa.

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23 January 2017

Last updated on 1 October 2019
7 Spa Treatments You Must Try in Dubai

Thanks to Dubai’s harsh weather and our hectic lifestyles here, it’s okay to just take a break and enjoy one of these highly recommended spa treatments available at various spas across the city.

There is of course, many, many, many different treatments available in different spas across the city, but we’ve hand selected the few that you must try at least once. Ranging from the traditional to the (what sounds like) ouch-worthy, here’s what you should be adding to your relaxation list.

Royal Hammam

This 90 minute hammam ritual at De La Mer Day Spa promises to take you on a luxurious oriental journey that offers full body exfoliation and relaxation. Not only will you be feeling refreshed inside and out, you’ll leave feeling warm, energised and polished completely as it helps to open up all of your clogged pores.
Try it now: Dhs 260 at De La Mer Day Spa, book your appointment by calling 04 328 2775

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Gold Facial

It’s one that has most definitely caught the attention of spa-goers over the past year or so, and it’s still holding strong as a popular treatment in Dubai. After all, where else would having a facial made of gold be so fitting than here? In many treatments across salons that offer it, a layer of 24 carat gold leaf is applied to your face. It’s believed that this facial was loved by Cleopatra herself! The gold’s elements help to improve your skin’s elasticity, relax wrinkles and take care of blemishes and scars. Prices can range from as little as Dhs 89 to as high as Dhs 25,000 depending where you go.

Sea Holistic Massage

This treatment combines the re-mineralising powers of sea salt and lavender with an original massage technique that is inspired by Thai tradition. It stimulates your energy lines and uses sweeping strokes, presser and stretching, plus applications of steam-heated compresses, which help to restore balance to your body.

In-Chair 30 Minute Facial

In desperate need of ‘me’ time but don’t have two hours to spare? Don’t worry, with the popular 30 minute facial at The Nail Spa, you’ll be refreshed in no time. The DDG Alpha Beta Peel Facial is Hollywood’s secret treatment to diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. It gently exfoliates to reduce pore size, banish breakouts and perfect skin tone with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. We've even tried and tested this one ourselves, so highly recommend.
Try it now: Dhs 270 at The Nail Spa, book your appointment by calling 600 544 001

Popular spa treatments in Dubai 2017

Swedish Massage

While it’s one of the most common and best-known treatments, the fact it’s still highly popular is a credit to its therapeutic benefits. They can range from slow and gentle, to vigorous and bracing depending on the therapist’s personal style and what you want to achieve out of the treatment. Many of Dubai’s spas offer this treatment on their menu.

Chakra Balancing

Incorporating massage, aromatherapy, mind-body guidance and chakra-specific healing minerals, this treatment will work on your seven energy centres. It’s a popular one in Dubai, and can be found in recognisable spas like Jumeirah’s many outlets. Chakra Balancing Therapy ultimately aims to realign your chakras within your body’s core, which receive and transmit energy. Unlike other treatments on this list, this one also helps to identify what is causing you stress, and blocking your chakras, ultimately resulting in a lack of positive energy. The end result? An inward journey leading to peaceful well-being and balance.

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Balinese Massage

Combining reflexology, acupressure and aromatherapy, the traditional Balinese massage is an incredible massage therapy that can help to improve blood circulation, build-up positive energy, detox and reinvigorate your body. With the help of a variety of scented oils, it’s also a great remedy for stress, problem skin and other ailments you may have. This treatment can be found in many of Dubai’s spas, with residents often favouring the treatment at Dreamworks Spa.