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7 Tips for Taking Care of Those Nails

Your nails? They’re alright. Look a little closer. They can’t just be alright.

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7 October 2015

Last updated on 1 October 2019
7 Tips for Taking Care of Those Nails

They have to be clean and healthy, too. Read on for tips on how to, nail it!

You see a semi-cute guy from across the room and your head immediately goes through your checklist of first impressions. Clothes, not too stylish but fit well enough. Hair, they fall nicely into place. Smile, a half-one that keeps you interested. You look at his hands and squint to zero in on his nails. They have to be clean. There’s just something about clean nails that make a guy look clean overall. What if the tables turned and first impressions of you are also based on the same checklist. How would you fare? Your clothes are impeccable, your hair is a flip away from perfection, your smile says sexy without even trying, and your nails? They’re alright. Look a little closer. They can’t just be alright. They have to be clean and healthy, too. Read on for tips on how to, well, nail it!
Keep them clean and dry

Keep them clean and dry

Keeping your fingernails dry prevents bacteria from growing under them. Keeping them soaked in water for extended periods can also lead to split fingernails. Since your hands are two of the most hardworking parts of your body, make sure to protect your nails when doing chores that keep them in prolonged contact with water, or worse, harsh chemicals like cleaning products. Grab some gloves before getting down and dirty with the dishes or the laundry.

Don’t work them too hard

Just because your nails are tough doesn’t give you a reason to use them as tools. Don’t open that soda can with your fingernails. It’ll only be a matter of time before they break from the pressure.

No biting

Mama’s right from the start. No good ever comes from biting your nails. In fact, this bad habit doesn’t just leave with you with jagged nail tips, it can extend the damage to your nail bed. It can cause painful cuts and open you up for bacteria and infections.

No biting!

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Leave your cuticles alone

It’s tempting to push and just peel those cuticles away. Don’t. They’re actually there to protect your nail bed. Plus, the skin around your cuticles are very sensitive. It’s very easy to tear them. Ouch.

Use only clean tools

Basic hygiene rules. There’s always a possibility of cutting yourself when trimming your nails. If your tools aren’t clean, a cut can leave you vulnerable for infections or more serious health risks. It’s always good to use your own nail care tools, pretty much like a toothbrush. If you go to your salon to get your nails done, make sure the tools they use are sterilized and cleaned.

Use clean tools


Make it a habit to apply lotion to your hands more times than you do to the rest of your body. You use your hands a lot and wash it multiple times throughout the day. This can cause the skin on your hands to dry out and your nails to weaken as well. Keep a tube lotion in your purse like a multivitamin hand and nail treatment. It’s non-greasy yet conditions and moisturizes hand and nails, repairing cuticle and skin damage.


Coat your nails with a protective layer before any color application. A base coat keeps your nails stain-free even from the darkest nail polish shades while it makes the polish color chip-resistant, lasting longer.