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7 Ways a Skincare Routine Can Benefit Your Mental Health

A daily beauty regime can help more than just your skin

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1 April 2019

Last updated on 1 October 2020
Daily beauty regime

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The Reddit community ‘Skincare Addiction’ is a treasure trove of beauty advice, from at-home acne remedies to alerts on where you can get cut-price products.

But this week the community members have been sharing more than just tips and tricks – they’ve been talking about how their daily routines help their mental health.

The discussion started when a user called Miiuiiuiiu wrote a post explaining that following a tumour and a bout of ongoing depression she has put on weight and finding it difficult to lose.

A relative noticed that she is a skincare enthusiast and very rudely said, “I see all [these] products and I do not understand why you care so much about your face and nothing about your body.”

Miiuiiuiiu asked whether any other Redditors had experienced something similar and there have been hundreds of comments in response, talking about how skincare can actually be really beneficial when you’re struggling with mental health issues.

From the joy of applying products and feeling good about your skin, to the way a routine can change your mindset, users agree that being a skincare obsessive is no bad thing – and no one should ever be shamed for it.

Here are seven ways they say a regular skincare routine can benefit your mental health

1. Skincare is self-care

“Self care is one of the first things depression kills,” wrote one. That means even simple tasks like taking a shower or washing your face seem insurmountable when you have low mood.

So having a skincare routine, even if it’s just using face wipes to begin with, can be a step in the right direction.

“I recently hit my weight loss goal of 100 pounds down,” she continued. “Caring for my skin was the first way I started caring for myself again.”

“Same here!” replied SpecificTop. “Skincare was my gateway into overall self-care and weight loss.”

3. It’s comforting

A user named 7ymmarbm commented that, as someone with bipolar disorder, anorexia and depression, they sometimes finds themselves unable to shower for days at a time, but having continuing a skincare routine feels therapeutic.

“I’ve still been keeping up my skincare routine as best I can because it really, really helps me feel not completely disgusting, that I’m doing a bit of self care and it brings me comfort that at least my skin isn’t going to s*** too.

“It’s truly therapeutic! Oh and thank god for dry shampoo and deodorant.”

4. It gives your morning structure

It’s not just about the sensorial feel of beauty products – don’t underestimate the power of a step-by-step routine for providing structure when you need it most.

“Before I got into the skincare stuff I’d just sort [of] roll out of bed after a while and maybe hop straight on my computer and not get much done,” wrote Sarkule. “With the skincare routine I get up and do something, and in between applying different products I’ll do a quick task that I’d normally avoid.”

Goodbeargreatbear added: “Honestly when it comes to my mental health it’s hard to get our of bed let alone doing anything else but in the morning I can get myself to wash my face, spritz on toner and moisturise and I feel like I can actually cope with the day.”

5. It helps you wind down at night

The same user extolled the virtues of the pre-bedtime skincare routine.

“At night time because I’m doing that routine, it helps me wind down, and by the time I hop into bed I can get to sleep easier,” Sarkule said.

6. It can help your self-esteem

“I also suffer from depression, low energy, and motivation and have gained weight as a result,” wrote DarkSwanRising.

“I’m finding that taking care of my skin and hair has helped with my depression and feelings of self worth and gives me something to take pride in.”

The user also said that focusing on appearance has actually been a positive thing: “It’s a progression of learning how to take care of and feel good about yourself. Take your time with it and do whatever feels good to you.”

Gingerclip agreed, saying that skincare was a gateway to a healthier lifestyle:

“I am also overweight and have really started taking good care of my skin in the last few months. For me, I find that the positive results to my skin makes me motivated to take care of my body too.

“So my skincare routine has actually led to better eating and an exercise routine too.”

7. It’s an achievable goal

Many pointed out how hard it can be to get stuff done when you’re suffering with depression, but being able to tick skincare off your to-do list is really satisfying.

“It’s so, so hard, just getting into the shower some days. Eating food, going outside… it’s so much work,” wrote Meowsav.

“If I can get to micellar water, and brush my teeth, I’m happy theses days. Whatever it takes to make you comfortable and feel happier, do it.”